One thing I adore about blogging is the connections that are made across the world. I especially love how we are each able to share what is nearest and dearest to our hearts easily.
I believe that it is important to always give more than we take - and while I do not live these words enough, they are a constant challenge to me to do more for those in need , in my community, country and world.

Here are a few groups of people who are acting as Christ hands and feet in some of the needest areas. Every single one of these people are friends of mine and I am constantly in awe of the way they give their time, money and lives to their callings.

From time to time I may mention or raise support for these ministries, and if you are looking for some small-but-worthy places to give I would encourage you to get  to know Ian, Jenn, Becca, Dustin, Dennis, Gibann, Aaron and Lane and the ways they are changing our world daily.


Ian and Jenn Stephens are missionaries working with C.H.I.P.S, Children HIV Intervention Programme in Swaziland, to help the orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS pandemic in Swaziland, Africa. Their home base is in Vuvulane and they travel around to various communities testing for HIV, assessing medical needs and treatment options, teaching job skills, providing workshops, and occasionally conducting Crossroads training (character building/positive living/HIV & abstinence). Ian and Jenn's main desire is to share the love of Jesus for each of these precious children while working towards fulfilling the vision of a HIV free Swaziland
I am honored to know Ian and Jenn personally. I not-so-secretly daydream of going to visit them and to see th3eir work first hand. For now, you and I can Visit them here

Becca is my oldest friend. We have been friends since we were toddlers and our parents where in college and then seminary together. Over the years our paths of overlapped again and again. Now they are having a wonderful adventure in Ecuador, sharing the gospel one cup of coffee at a time.

Miss Beverly's House

 Miss Beverly's House  partners with the Center for Women in Transition, Little Rock to provide housing for women who are rebuilding their lives after incarceration. They also partner with R Street Community Church of Little Rock.
Some of our very dear, dear family friends began this project named after Miss Beverly, a former missionary to Africa and nurse to war torn areas around the world. This house is a tribute to her dedication to  wholestic health and healing  for women. Learn how you can contribute here.


The One, Inc. is an all volunteer organization.  It was spawned out of several years of hard work and dedication to meeting the needs of our homeless neighbors through grassroots efforts.  That same hard work and dedication continue today in our same grassroots methods, just in a more “official” capacity as an organization.
We rely almost completely on in-kind donations to help us meet the many needs that our friends have.
All monetary donations go to keep our vehicles serviced and on the road, as our efforts are all mobile.  We don’t have a huge overhead for buildings and administration, but it takes the help of many people to keep us on the road and going.
The One, Inc. began in our hometown and we are proud to call Aaron and Lane our friends. If you would like to know more about The Van and The One, Inc visit their site here.

According to their website, WorldCraftsSM develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. Their vision is to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth. 
Established in 1996, WorldCrafts began with just one artisan group, Thai Country Trim, in Bangkla, Thailand. Today they work with dozens of artisans groups to import and sell hundreds of fine, handcrafted items from more than 30 countries around the globe. And they still work with Thai Country Trim, helping them employ more and more women at risk of abuse and exploitation. "That's who we are. Committed. Holistic. Fair trade. "

WorldCrafts also has begun the The Set1Free campaign which "actively empowers WorldCraftsSM buyers and aids artisans by highlighting those groups working to free women involved in human trafficking and sexual exploitation."
I support WorldCrafts because I believe in their mission of Committed. Holistic. Fair Trade. And their recent efforts to help stop human and sex trafficking. I love that work with artist in the domestic arts to continue traditions and help build skills that will enable families and women to leave a life of poverty or abuse behind them, while building pride and hope inside them.


Do you have any questions about any of these programs or how you can help? Shoot me an email at
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