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Upcoming Events:
Jerusalem will have books for sale at each of these events.

Arkansas Literary Festival - April 26, 4PM, Main Library, Little Rock Arkansas

Praxis - June 6,7, Tulsa, OK 
Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference - September 5-6, Rogers, Arkansas


Official Info Regarding Speaking and Visits

 In A Homemade Year: The Blessings of Cooking, Crafting and Coming Together, author Jerusalem Jackson Greer extends an invitation to communities and families to creatively craft  handmade, homemade, local, and organic experiences of faith that will resonate with their own uniqueness, their own story. This Paraclete Press publication is chocked full of colorful images (beatifully captured by her sister Judea Jackson) family recipes and fun crafts for all skill levels, woven together by her own messy story of finding faith amidst fabric scraps, spilled glitter and burnt toast.

Crafting/Cooking/Faith Workshops– A combination of speaking and hands-on workshops are available for churches small groups, craft retreats, women and faith conferences, blogger conferences and other gatherings. Jerusalem is availible for individual sessions or full retreats.
Speaking— Jerusalem  believes that cooking, crafting and coming together are a few ways we are able to tangiliby connect our stories to God’s story and to each other.  Sharing our stories face to face is another.  By sharing her story, stitched together from a dozen little scraps and found objects, Jerusalem hopes to offer gifts of freedom and grace, erasing the aloneness we can all feel as we navigate faith, family and community in a busy, modern wold. 

Topics she loves to visit about are:

Liturgi-what?  - on why living the church year is important for evangelicals, charasmatics, emergents and everyone else

Advent & Lent Events - all inclusive hands-on event for families to encounter these seasons with meaning

The Myth of Balance  Living life at the crossroads of Beauty and Mess

When Anne Lamott and Martha Stewart Shared a Brain–  The intersection of  hope, trust and flour dust.

Life as a Paper ChainA modern take on a liturgical life.

Crazy Quilt Community-Creating connections through stitching, stirring and storytelling.

To inquire about having Jerusalem visit or speak to your group please send an email to

*For other media and publicity questions please contact 
Carol Showalter at

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