Monday, August 18, 2014

Renters, Week 2 Begins

Well, Week 1 in the Rent House has passed.
We are into week two.
I feel like a month has passed at least. Maybe three months.
A week? How is that possible?

This weekend I discovered that Washi tape is a renters friend.
I also hung a few "things" on the wall - i.e.  whatever random items where packed last or just thrown in the car at the last minute.
However, I cannot find a good place for all the cookie sheets. Would under the sofa be a bad idea?

I have only muttered the words "I hate this" once.
So that's good.

The "poster" above is a scrapbook page, torn out of a collection. 
It sums up best where I am right now and is a good reminder for when I grow impatient with our limbo.

Because honestly, the best thing about this move has been how our little family has adapted.
Sticking together.
Being together.
Living together. 
It really is what makes a house a home - this being together in it.

But don't let me paint too pretty a picture.
We are all desperately counting down the days till the Internet man comes (3.)
We are a wired family and I think all of us would argue that while being together makes a house a home, having wireless Internet is what makes our home happy to be in.
Don't judge.

In other news, the search is still on for a farm.
So many questions to sort through.
The options are not vast in this area for our needs/budget so we Sweet Man and I are crunching numbers and looking at all the possible scenarios.
This is our third house and our first acreage. I feel like I know a lot about how to pick the first and very little about the second.
Sometimes this process is exciting, sometimes it is exhausting.
But in the end it will be worth it.
(Remind me if I start to complain too much, OK?)

Meanwhile I am going to go wrestle some boxes of books for the boys out of the storage unit.
Wish me luck!


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