Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Glampers

So you see, this one time I went glamping.
And it was a blast.

As luck would have it I went glamping (glamour + camping)  on the very weekend that my period showed up (sorry if that is an over-share. It is what it is.) And at my declining age, getting my period is less than fun. You might say it is hell-ish.

Also, as luck would have it I went glamping on the first weekend that it was truly hot in Arkansas after such a mild and lovely Spring.

My first-world pampered self was not prepared for such a dreadful combination as this.

But I perservered.

Thankfully luck would also have it that I was with some amazing gals who didn't seem to hold it against me when I passed out on my top bunk in the middle of the afternoon out of sheer hormonal exhaustion and heat fatigue.

And thankfully, luck (well, really it was smart planning on all of our parts) would also have it we were camping only minutes away from Stephanie's house where she generously let us shower in her clean and private bathroom,  where I was able to help myself  to much-needed nausea meds after over-indulging in the cheese selection at the hottest moment of the day, and recoup for a few minutes in the air conditioning, all of which helped bring me back to life so that I could fully enjoy the remainder of the experience, drinking my fill of the Happy Camper Cocktail.

If you follow me on Instagram you can go back and look at all my #GlampingAr pics of the weekend to see pictures of all the fun we had - including a trip to Miss Fern's house, breakfast at Mather Lodge, and pictures from our Friday night Mexican Fiesta dinner.

Most of these pics however are from Saturday evening and they are styled to the hilt.
Because not only did we Glamp, but we modeled as well, and so did all our stuff....

You see, Steph's husband works for the State Parks Dept, and word had somehow traveled to headquarters about this mysterious "Arkansas Glamping" expedition of ours, and so always on the hunt for new ways to promote our amazing Arkansas State Parks (they really are amazing) their ad people asked if they could send a team out to do a photo shoot of all our glamping our fun.
Being a group of  bloggers, we all replied with a hearty "bring it on!"
And so they did.

Everyone "decorated" their own bunks (we stayed in Yurts!) and then we all pitched in on the rest of the areas.

All of these pictures are from Saturday evening, which turned out to be one of the most fun parts of the entire glamping adventure despite my initial bad attitude. Thanks to the cool breeze that appeared just in time, the magical refills of my mason jar with Happy Camper cocktails,  that glorious shower at Stephanie's right before the photo shoot began, and my amazing co-glampers who kept me laughing the entire time, it was a highlight of the entire weekend.

Want to see more about our glamping fun? Go check out the rest of the gals blogs.
(And don't worry, they probably won't complain about their periods like me.)

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Heather @ Heather’s Dish
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