Thursday, July 10, 2014

Farmhouse Pining

So we are into month two of the house being on the market and I go back and forth on daydreaming about moving to a farm and getting to decorate a farmhouse.
Some days I am too anxious and daydreaming only leads to impatience and fretting.
Some days I am at peace and daydreaming is exciting and hope-filled.

Today I am hope-filled, so I thought I would strike while the iron is hot and blog a bit about it.

We  have spotted a couple of properties that show some potential, and I play the various options in my head. One option would mean building a house, the other would mean updating an existing house.
Both would give us the opportunity to do a little farming, raising a little livestock, have a little orchard.
Neither are guarantees, they are just ideas and possibilities that I toss around when I am commuting from work, or falling asleep.
And of course they have instigated a barrage of late night pining.

Here are some of my current favorite inspirations for my wish list via Pinterest:

Screen Porch
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, want to have a screened in porch.
Mosquitoes love me tooooo much to just have a patio or deck.

A Soaking Tub

This or a huge clawfoot.
But mostly this.
I am not a shallow kind of girl.
I need some depth in my life.
Including in my tub.

Inexpensive Painted Wood Floors

I have been dying to paint wood floors for YEARS.
I think this next move will be my chance.

An excessive amount of painted wood in all directions

There will be planking or shiplap or painted paneling by golly!

White Gas Range

You do not know how much I would love to have a gas stove again.
And a 6 burner white one is my dream.
This one may be a bit over the top, but that is what daydreaming is all about, right?

Raise up Laundry Appliances.

My back needs a break. 
And I love the built in look and extra storage.
I would do this in our laundry room if we were staying put.

A Pet Mini-Potbellied Pig

I mean, seriously.
How can you not love it?

A canoe to float in.

Can we say Anne of Green Gables and the Lady of Shallot?

A Barn for Dancing.

I am turning 40 this year. 
Sister needs a party place.

Ok friends, there it is.
Some of  my farmhouse day dreams...

What are yours?

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