Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We did it!

(all images from our listing on Realtor.com. I don't have such a great wideangle lense.)

Well folks, we did it!

Our house is officially "on the market!"

We decluttered and remodeled and worked our hinneys off and the house looks AMAZING (if I do say so myself.)

So now we will wait.

Wait for the perfect owners to come along who want to love this little corner of earth as much as we have.

Golly, I hate waiting.

Will I ever learn to do it with grace?

I feel less anxious about it all than I did last time, so maybe I am learning - slowly, slowly - how to embrace the waiting.



This week I am on a "writing retreat" at my grandparents lake house in the woods.
We will see how much writing I get done on Book 2.
Mostly I am just trying to rest and recover and get myself reoriented to my new reality..
A new chapter has begun in our life - me no longer working at the boys school, and as of July 1 I will be going into full-time ministry... It is a new and exciting season for sure, but one that will require some readjusting and changes.

I plan on returning to regular blogging over the next week, and for sure by next week!
This sabatical has been wonderful and allowed me to get my bearings while we finished up the house and I finished up my job, but I want to get back to hanging out here regular-like (as my Maw would say.)
I miss you people and I have things to share!

See you soon-

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