Monday, June 30, 2014

My Happy Place - Moss Mountain Love

Some people make annual trips to the Beach or Disney World.

Recently I had the honor of attending two events at MM (P. Allen Smith's farm,)
Garden2Blog and Farm2Blog, and of course I loved both, (and I will have more to share about Farm2Home very soon because it is a topic very near and dear to my heart.)

But what I really love is just being at Moss Mountain. 
Working with Allen and his crew the past couple of years on various projects has only become more fun as I have gotten to know them better, and as much as I love to go and hear what the sponsors have to say at each of these events, my favorite part is getting to hang out with the P. Allen crew and blogger friends who I only get to see once or twice a year.

I also just love every little inch of the Garden Home and farm. The attention to detail is beyond wonderful, without being overly precious, and the part of me that loves design gets all a flutter when there. Allen's home is beautiful AND comfy and appropriate to the setting. Sigh.

And of course there are all the animals.
Why I love farm animals as much as I do I have no idea, but oh my.
Be still my heart.

So just for kicks here is a random assortment of photo's snapped at MM that might give you a little glimpse of why I love it so.


Whatever you do, don't bury the crown of your strawberry plants!

The Magnificent Mimi San Pedro who leads us all. 

The Chicken Palace

I am a sucker for old fashioned farm packaging

Lettuce beds in wheelbarrows.

Beauty at the original Garden Home

Spin the Flower Wheel

Gerry Bruno, Producer Extraordinaire

Duck, Duck, Goose
One day I will have my own little flock...

Debbie doing some snooping in Allen's pantry

Alaskan Rhubarb from my friend Nancy's yard ( a little gift for Allen)

Well appointed sofa in it's summer frock.

Family room off of the kitchen. A very well loved and used room.
Those chairs in the back are to die for.

Office space in master bedroom.
Allen and I both have an intense crush on Thomas Jefferson and pieces like this little nook show off how much Allen's personal design style has been influenced by TJ.

Brent who makes us look good

The Man in Charge

Beautiful Bounty.

Mixing Station

My beloved sheep with their summer do's.

Now you understand why I love it so, right?
I wish I could tuck you all in my pocket and take you there with me!

Happy Monday friends!

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