Wednesday, June 11, 2014


When I was a baby, my mother bought me a set of dishes from the supermarket.
These are those dishes.

Growing up I knew of their existence, and from time to time, I would get a glimpse of them.

She did this for all my siblings as well, but I have to say that mine are the best.
They are the most classic.
And they suit me.

Also, they were made in England, so that is a bonus.

Up until the last time we put the house on the market we were using quite a bit of this set.
But then I packed it away in a cabinet in an attempt to de-clutter.
And then recently I had to empty that very cabinet so we could demolish it.
So into boxes these beauties went until we move, and I can unpack them and put them back into service.

I think this idea, purchasing me dishes to give to me when I set up my first house, was such a sweet one. 
My mother has always been creative and loving, but not always terribly sentimental, so these dishes are extra special to me in that way.
Since I have no daughters I am planning on passing these on to a niece or a granddaughter if the opportunity arises.

I have to confess that I have not bought my boys dishes for their first apartments. 
Somehow I don't think will give one hoot about these.

But I have begun to wonder...
What can I buy now, to give to them later, that will help them start their independent lives off that is both lovely and useful?

What sort of heirloom could I start for them to use and pass on?

Do you have heirlooms to pass on? If so, what kind?

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