Monday, May 12, 2014

Technicolor Weekend and a Break

This weekend was full and colorful and wonderful and BUSY.
I think remodeling is taking all of my creative juices so I am leaning heavy on the images here.
The bathroom is done (hurrah!)
And so now we are moving on to the kitchen.
At least you can wash dishes in the bathroom sink, not so much the other in the kitchen sink....ahem.

So while things are progressing nicely around here, they are also wearing me out.
So I am going to take a bit of a blog sabbatical.
My body is telling me that something has to give and I think the blog is one of the things I need to let rest for a bit.
I have a book to write.
A house to remodel/sell.
A job to finish.
A job to start.
I wish I was super woman but I am not.
I am just me, limited, and finite, and always learning how to live in the moment.
As Shauna would say, More Love, Less Hustle.

So, until this house thing has simmered down, until I have wrapped up one job and am ready for a new one to start, until I have rested up a little, things will be pretty quiet around here.

I will still be active on all other Social Media forms - especially Instagram, so we shouldn't fall out of touch completely, but for now I am going to save the writing juices for the book, and my energy for preparing my family - and myself- for our next adventure.

Much love friends - see you in a bit!

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