Thursday, May 01, 2014


  • Y'all life is messy.
  • And it is beautiful
  • This is not news I know.

  • But somehow I have to keep wrestling with it.
  • I have to keep coming back to the truth of it.
  • Because I tend to only see the forest OR  the trees.
  • I have a hard time remembering that they are parts of the same.
  • They are part of each other.

  • So the truth is this.
  • My life.
  • It is picturesque and a complete disaster.
  • It is wide and varied. It is mundane and daily.
  • It is scattered and it is rooted.
  • It is both and all of the above.

  • But it is not stagnant.

  • It is a river that runs.
  • Rushing, meandering, straight ahead and around the bend.
  • Always moving.
  • Water against stone, refining my heart and soul if I let it.
  • If I am open the mercy and grace that is offered.
  • If I can participate in my own soul- transformation by receiving this constant erosion of my false self through grace extravagant, through raw tender honesty.

  • If I can let go of who I am in in exchange for who I am becoming.
  • Letting down walls.
  • Stepping out into the light.
  • Leaving the safety of my plans and preferences.
  • For the adventure of following Christ.
  • Walking as he walked.
  • Loving as he loved.
  • Serving as he served.
  • Giving away buckets and buckets of grace and mercy extravagant.

  • Only then can I see the forest and the trees.
  • Only then do I remember that it is all beautimess.

  • J

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