Monday, April 14, 2014

The Wait is Over

Hello friends!
Well I know things got awfully quiet for awhile. 
That was because I was doing some heavy waiting and it was taking up all my mental, emotional, and physical energy.
Waiting is HARD y'all.
Waiting on life-changing news is especially hard.

But the wait is over.
And I am so excited about all the adventures that are ahead for our little family.
In July I will began work as the Lay Minister to Youth, Children, and Families for a wonderful church one town over.

This job is more than a job. It is a call. It is another piece (a rather large one at that) in the quilt of my vocation. It is an opportunity to live out my gifts in a tangible way.

It is also a new home.

I adore the church family that has called me and I am beyond honored to be able to serve them in this way. I know that the gifts they have for me far exceed the gifts I bring to them and so I am humbled and grateful for this invitation.

Sweet Man and the boys are also excited beyond measure. I honestly wasn't sure that the boys would be for this - as it will require a move in churches and houses - but their excited has been an extra dose of confirmation that this change is the right thing - for all of us.

And Sweet Man.
What can I say about this man?
Our marriage is as imperfect as anyone else's. It is full of bumps and learning curves and stretching - sometimes there is so much learning how to see the world through each other's eyes that it wears me to the nub as any other marriage.
But this man, this man is so supportive of me and my calling, of my career. Whether it is writing or speaking or ministering - he has never asked me to stop or told me that I cannot do it.
He is not threatened or embarrassed by me (except when I am bragging on him) and he never ask that I make myself smaller so that he can appear larger. 
I am so grateful to have such a loving, encouraging, supportive partner, who stands beside me on equal ground, holding my hand as we walk this journey -wherever it takes us- together.

So here we go.
The waiting is over.
Fresh starts are straight ahead.
A new job, a new book, and (eventually) a new home (we do have to sell our current one first..) are on the horizon.
And I could not be more excited.

Happy Monday friends!
I pray that if you are still in the Waiting season that you are filled with peace and amazing heaps of patience as you wait.
And that if you are in the Fresh Start phase that you are filled with joy and surrounded by a host of cheerleaders.

Much Love,

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