Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lotta Love

There is a whole lotta love around these parts today!

First of all I have to give everyone a HUGE shout out for all your love and support after my big announcement yesterday! I pretty much had a goofy smile on so much of the day and it is because of all the love and cheers I got from everyone.

We are all so excited about the new job and the (eventual) move to the country and having this little space to share the news and celebrate is just icing on the cake.
So thank you to everyone who left post and comments and sent text wishing us the best of luck and welcomiing us into our new community (you know who you are :)

So THANK YOU to everyone who made our news that much more special!


Tomorrow I will begin a series of Holy Week post to lead us into Easter, so today I thought I would just take a few minutes to do some housekeeping of sorts.


One of my wishes for this year has been to find a few goodfit contributor spots on other blogs/online magazines where I can stretch myself a bit.  Having regular writing deadlines is hugely helpful and keeps me on my toes, and I enjoy the interaction and community that comes from writing for a different audience. 
The three topics that I want to find goodfit contributor oppurtuniies are:
Something related to living in the South
Something related to celebrating faith 
Something related to living in the messy-beautiful community that is family

The Patheo's Lenten Series, which ends tomorrow, has been a good fit under both, the celebrating faith and the messy-beautiful community catagories. Even though it was a short-run series, it was great to dip my toes into the practice of writing along the lines of one theme for an extended period of time.

Another catagory that I am excited to be taking on is my something about living in the South catagory I am now writing a weekly post for the Taste of Arkansas Blog - called Sunday Hospitality
(This weeks post is all about Hosting a Porch Sit.)
These post are not particularly deep or indepth, but they do allow me to post pretty pictures and plant seeds of hospitatlity (an often under-looked spiritual discipline btw) for readers. 

The Homemade Year Birthday Celebration continues with Cookies and Ice Cream...


If you live local I hope you will come see me on April 26th at the Arkansas Lit Fest! I will be doing a family-friendly program at 4PM that will include yummy sweet treats from Sweet Love Bakes. The event is free for all!

*And if you have not checked out all the Homemade Love in our Linky Party, make sure to do so - I think Jeanetta is even giving away a copy of the book!*

Also, don't forget to snag a copy of A Homemade Year for Easter (you can get it in time for Easter if you order today!) Mother's Day, Wedding and Baby Shower gifts! 

Thank you again everyone for all your love and support.
On Friday this blog will be 8 YEARS OLD.
So grateful to have spent it with each of you!

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