Thursday, April 03, 2014

1 Year in the World: A Birthday Celebration

Guess what has had a lovely first year in the world?
A Homemade Year, that's what!


What an amazing blessing this whole journey has been.
Each day I am so grateful for for each and ever one of you who has supported me, encouraged me on this exciting journey.
Knowing that this little book has touched hearts and homes is the best gift of the whole experience.

 I am continually humbled by the sweet words and response that people have to this book.
To be able to do something I love, to put my stories and ideas out into the world, and to have them honored with such loving and kind words never ceases to amaze me.

I can never thank each of you enough for all the encouragement, support, and cheering you have done for me and this little book over the last year!

But A Homemade Year's first birthday isn't just about me  - it's about all of you who are trying to find creative, joy filled ways to celebrate the Story of God in our homes, right where you are!

It is about each and everyone one of you who are honoring the creative spark that God has planted in your hearts,  and it is about how you are using that spark to sow Christ love to those in your homes and communities!

So let's celebrate, shall we?


To celebrate this fun birthday  I have asked several blogging friends to blog over the next month about what A Homemade Year has meant to them - what they love about it, what it has inspired in their hearts or home, or to just share a favorite image, recipe, or quote with readers.

y time I get an email or a comment about what AHY means to one of you I cannot help but tear up.


There are also going to be several fun giveaways during the month long party!
I will be linking  these here on the blog, on the AHY Pinterest page, FB and Twitter each time a post goes live - so STAY TUNED!

How about we do a virtual Hokey Poky Linky? 

If A Homemade Year has meant something to you - if you have enjoyed a recipe, if you have read a sentence that captured an unspoken truth in your heart, if you love a certain image, if you have celebrated one of the holidays in the book, I would love for you to share about it here! 

Tell us, how you are celebrating faith and grace and beauty right where you are - no matter the messes, no matter the imperfections!

Link-up your post, send me pictures of you and your book to my Facebook page, or pin your favorite craft or recipe to the AHY page! 
I can't wait to see what you have been up to!

Again, thank you to each of you for being such great friends and readers!
Thanks for buying my book, giving it away, and sharing it - it means so very much to me!

Love always,

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