Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break Break

We are officially on Spring Break.
(Insert loud cheers from around the land!)
The boys have been shipped off to the Gran's and I have a full two days ahead of wrapping up projects before I  runaway to the mountains for a few days and hopefully type till my fingers ache as I dig into Book Two.

Also on the agenda for the week - rest. 
Blissful, delightful rest.
And some porch sitting.

I am going to embrace the call of Stillness and leave things quiet around here while I am away,  but I will still be posting over at Patheo's for Lent on Wednesday. 

Here are the links to the first three post of the Gentle Fraying series:

Lent Week 1- Remembering
Lent Week 2 - Giving Up
Lent Week 3 - Mending

See you back here in a week or so to catch up.
Blessings friends!

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