Monday, March 10, 2014

Make Crafts, Not War

Y'all there is SO much happening right now.
I know the blog has been a bit hit or miss lately.
Working through K's leaving has been hard, and things around here have been busier than ever.
Big projects at work.
Another book in the works.
The Nest Project is picking up speed.
And that isn't even half of it.
But Lent for me is about slowing down and savoring the present, so I am trying not to add more to my plate than it is already holding.
Which means posting may continue to be a bit spotty from time to time over the next few weeks.

Today though I want to  share with you this little project that I have been hanging onto for a while, waiting to get it "just right."
But in the spirit of "leaning into the present moment," I decided to show it as it is - in all it's unfinished splendor.

As you know, Sweet Man and the boys are hunters (which I am grateful for considering the amount of money it saves us in healthy, lean meat,) but I am not one to have their rifles just hanging on the walls all over the house.
But I am also not one to throw out a perfectly good piece of storage equipment.
So the question came up - what should we do with Sweet Man's old racks?
The answer was obvious from the start -craft organization.

One can of spray paint and some dowel rods later and voila! The perfect place to store wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, and washi tape.
I obviously have issues with the top rod on the ribbon organizer- it's thin enough for those particularly ribbon spools - it just isn't strong enough. So I am on the hunt for a better option. But other than that this has been a great solution.

And it goes along with my latest cause -  
Make Crafts, Not War.

xoxo friends-

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