Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Winner, Winners, Blogger's Dinner

 Ok, so today I am going to explain a little bit about my online life.

But first this - winners!

Things have been so busy around here that I had completely forgotten to announce all the winners from the recent book giveaways.

So here they are at long lost!

Laurel - Spirit Led Parenting

Ywilken - Everyday Justice

Mammamisia - A Homemade Year

Sarah Osburn - Pastrix (Donated by

Jessica Paulsen - Jesus Feminist  

Leslie Bailey - Evangelist of the Future

Thanks again to everyone who entered and to the folks at The Thoughtful Christian for donating books for this project. I noticed that much of their stock even beats Amazon prices!

Winners -please email me your addresses so we can get the books shipped to you! You can email me at ahomemadeyear (at) gmail dot com.


Okay, back to the task at hand.
Explaining myself a little.
If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram you will notice that sometimes I write about faith and sometimes I write about family and sometimes I write about crafting, or food. or books, or our traveling, or whatever has gotten stuck up my crawl of late.

But you will also notice from time to time, that I seem to be doing a lot of publicity-esque hashtagging and picture taking of one particular, and sometimes seemingly random, event.  Like last night at the #BloggersinBloom event.

I blame all of this on my Arkansas Women Bloggers group.
A beautiful, motley, hodge-podge, hilarious, warm, and generous group of gals from all over the state of Arkansas, that I have the wonderful pleasure of getting to hang-out with, every few months, for various press junkets.
These gals are bloggers of all kinds - Mommy Bloggers, Fashion Bloggers, Faith Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers, Food Bloggers, Health Bloggers ... AWB has it all.
But like a lot of things in Arkansas, even our blogging community - diverse as it is in many ways -has a make-yourself-at-home-pour-yourself-a-glass-of-something-and-take-a-load-off feeling.  

AWB is not a community driven by competition and blog stats and who's who. 
It is a community driven by friendship and encouragement and the sharing of a big-enough-for-us-all road.

And so many of us, no matter what our blog focus, often jump at the chance to attend special blogging events, in large part because we get to see each other. (Also there is often great SWAG at these things. I cannot lie.)

Last night was just one such night.  About twenty AWB gals gathered at a very posh home in Little Rock, to to learn all about the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show that is coming up in just a few weeks.

We learned about the scholarships and grants that AFGS provides.
We learned about tablescapes and caring for indoor plants and how to make votive holders from crystals.
We had a wine tasting, heard local youth symphony members perform, and ate conspicuous amounts of stinky, runny cheeses.
We took hundreds of pictures with our phones and caught up on all the life news we could.
We laughed, tweeted and photo bombed and tried all of the wines.

So if you follow me on Instagram  or Twitter and you wondered why I was suddenly all about the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show, this is why.
They invited me and all my friends over.
And where my friends are, I like to be.
The fact that they fed us great food, poured us great wine, gave us a bag full of goodies, and talked about something I am trying to learn more about - gardening - was just icing on the cupcake.

peace friends,

PS -If you are a blogger and you are not in a supportive blogging community, think about starting one. They are such a gift. 

PSS- Watch my Instagram feed in the next two weeks - I have some SWAG that I am going to giveaway - including tickets to the show!


  1. Love this! And love that we create a win-win where bloggers get to catch up, entities and their great work get to be shared to readers, and readers get free tickets to an awesome show! Thanks for coming. Great to see you!!

  2. Such a terrific recap and a truly enjoyable evening! So good to see everyone.


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