Friday, February 07, 2014

Five on Friday - Links I love (oh, the randomness that is me)

Okay people, I may be over winter.
Even though I love it. Even though I crave it's arrival each and every December. 
Even though I complain that everyone is always trying to rush into spring, the way you they try and force bulbs.
The fact is that I like a long winters nap, all curled up at home, in bed. 
During the week I go to work, I come home, I eat something steamy and comforting and I crawl into bed where I create a little nest of books, snacks, remotes, and devices.
And mostly I like this about winter. It is a nice reprieve from the busy of Christmas and a sort of preparation for the coming spring with all it's cheerful endeavours.

But right now there are some things that I need to get done.
And the freezing temps are not helping me accomplish my agenda.
And there it is.
The truth.
Me and my agendas. We get into trouble every single time.

They are predicting wild winter weather at some point over the next few days. 

I am going to try and breathe deep and release all my agendas.
Release all my anxiety and fear and worry into the wind.
Breathing in mercy, and grace, and the gift of stillness.

And if that doesn't work I will have Sweet Man track me down some Xanax.

In the meantime, here are a few links that are bringing some calm to me today:

I love the contrast of the torn burlap and the glittery heart

"I am filled with the kind of Grace that restores broken things, and being super broken means I'm super filled. Try not to be jealous. Grace is the glue that holds this hot mess together. "

 Encouragement to Linger from Ashley (I covet her sister's chalkboard artistry!)

Jason Isbell - Southeastern
Especially my favorites -
 Songs She Sang in the Shower
and New South Wales 
Which features my favorite line, "God bless the busted boat that brings us back." 

Amen and amen.

Cheese Blitzes from Smitten Kitchen.
If we get snowed in for real, these are happening people. These are happening. They may happen regardless.

On the chance that I don't make it back here before Monday, have a lovely weekend friends!

(PS- Have you reviewed A Homemade Year on Amazon yet?  I would really appreciate it! Thanks friends!)

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  1. You're making those cheese things for me right?


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