Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday - Links I Love, Hail Mary

Hail Mary pass or Hail Mary route is a very long forward pass in American football, made in desperation with only a small chance of success, especially at or near the end of a half. - Wikipedia

Last night I threw a Hail Mary pass of sorts.
I was close to the end of my rope, but there was no time for such tomfoolery. There is too much to be done and no way to slough off any of it.
So I asked for prayers on FB and Instagram. Even though I don't deserve them.
 Because it's my own damn fault that I am worn out and overextended. 
But you know what happened?
People heard my pleas.
And they showed up and you showed up.
And this morning I felt a tiny ray of hope shinning through.
A tiny ray of hope that I can make it through the next ten days without a full body collapse.
Without losing my mind or running away.
A ray of hope that your prayers and God's mercy will carry me through even though I should be horse whipped for letting things get this bad.

The them that has risen this week from my links is all Hail Marys.
All about desperation with a fierce dose of hope.

Out of words?
Just use one of these.
They work for so many occasions.
And will bring a smile to your face.
And there is nothing more Hail Mary than Holly and Cat in the rain.

50 Quotes From Breakfast At Tiffany’s, In Order Of Awesomeness

“Thursday? Oh no, it can’t be!  It’s too gruesome.”

“…Do you think she’s talented, deeply and importantly talented?”
“…No. Amusingly and superficially talented, yes. But deeply and importantly, no.

(photo from Bob Shaw)

This is it. This is beautiful and magical and made me cry. In a good way.
We need more of this sort of lightness.
More of this sort of laughter.
Just think what the author - and us - would have missed if he had not risked.

The skier, who had no idea that the 14th incarnation of the Bodhisattva of Compassion was crying out to save his life, made a crisp little check as he approached the pylon, altering his line of descent, and continued expertly down the hill.
With an expostulation of wonder, the Dalai Lama sat back and clasped his hands together. “You see? Ah! Ah! This skiing is wonderful sport!”

I am an addict of Rehab Addict.
I want to be Nicole Curtis when I grow up.
I love that she brings great style, hard work, a passion for saving old homes, and amazing strength to her show. It's part This Old House part Design Inc part Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2.
IT's all awesome sauce.
Every house she tackles is a Hail Mary project.

When Jesus spoke of “walking the second mile,” he was referring to an oppressive Roman law that allowed a traveling Roman solider to demand that a stranger carry his pack for up to one mile.  No doubt some of Jesus’ first listeners had been forced to do just that, to drop their farming equipment, fishing nets, or carpentry tools and carry a heavy pack, losing hours of work in the process. The law allowed the soldier to demand from them a mile, no more. Jesus told his followers to walk two. 
Rachel pretty much lays it all out in her beautiful way.
I have had pie with the gal.
She is the real deal and her heart is wide and deep.
Love her mix of scholarly grace.
And her willingness to throw this pass, despite the huge risk that it will be dismissed and discounted.

And so my message to you is never: be better. I kind of wish we’d stop obsessing about improving ourselves all the time. I’m simply suggesting that maybe you can show up for life as you are. Maybe you don’t need to wait till you have it “all together” to follow your dreams and serve other people. I’m worried that if you wait ‘till you or your people are less messy to start showing up –  you’ll never show up. Because life never, ever stops being messy. It’s messy the whole way through. And so I think we gotta show up in the middle of the mess.  

I love, love, loved this series.
And not just because it featured some of my best girls - Shauna, Sarah, Jamie - sharing their deepest fears - raw and and honest and tender.
But because it was really real. With no perfect, tidy bow to tie up all the loose ends and feelings.
Each post included a picture of the writers with no make-up, no soft lighting, no hair-dos.
Just the real-deal mess
An each one is it's own sort of Hail Mary.
Which is exactly what I am bringing to the table today.
Lots of mess. One big fat Hail Mary.

Because I am sacred scared as well.
Sacred that I am not doing it right.
Any of it. Blogging. Mothering. Wife-ing. Writing. Friending. Homemaking. Career-ing.
Deep down, I often feel like a little girl lost in a grown-up world.
I don't get the jokes.
I don't choose the right outfits.
I don't know the rules.
I feel too awkward to ever be accepted or successful.
I am sure I will never fit in.
During the darkest moments there is the little voice that whispers that I should be MORE. Smarter. Quicker. Tougher. Thinner. Funnier. More cleaver. More business savvy. More relaxed. More able bodied.
That I should know how to navigate this world better. 
That there is no excuse for not knowing how. For not doing it all better.


Do you have a Hail Mary that you need to throw out into the universe?
A prayer you need to have prayed?
A risk you need to take?
A sacred scared you need to share?

I hope this weekend you find a safe place and the courage to throw your Hail Mary out there.
That you can show up no matter how messy things are.
And that you find buckets of grace waiting for you.

Much love.


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