Saturday, January 11, 2014


(picture by Jemimah)

These are my siblings.
They are my original tribe.
I adore them individually and together.
Together has been hard at times, as, despite our nerd glasses, we are all very, very different.
For instance, both my sisters made their "wacky faces" attractive. 
Mine is just wacky.
So there is that.
But I love them all the same. Or more for it.
For the first time in a decade we all live in relatively close proximity to each other.
I don't know how long it will last, but for now I am soaking it up.


The past few days I have been in Denver at the Christianity 21 Conference, with another branch of my tribe. I know posting has been a little hit or miss around here lately, but I have designs on fixing that after this weekend.
This trip was a big leap for me in quite a few ways, and I hope to be able to unpack what I have learned and gained and left here in the next week or so.

For now please know that I am grateful for each of you.
Thank you for showing up, over and over.

Much love,

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