Monday, January 27, 2014

Make-Do and Make Lovely Monday - Candlemas Love

I have gone a little Candlemas crazy this year, with three different post elsewhere... 

I discovered the celebration of Candlemas three years ago while doing research for my first book, and fell instantly in-love with this quiet mid-winter celebration of hope and light, that marks the presentation of Christ, barely over a month old,  at the temple. Early February is generally the time of year when everyone begins to grow weary of winter’s persistent darkness, biting winds and cold toes, and the longing for Spring’s sunny disposition begins in earnest. Candlemas comes to us with its warmth and light in this moment, shush-ing our anxious minds like a doting grandmother, calling us into the moment, the future safe and secure in tomorrow’s care.
This year our family will hold our second annual Candlemas gathering on February 1, the eve of Candlemas...   click to continue reading 


And of course,  Candlemas is one of the celebrations featured in my book, A Homemade Year; the Blessings of Cooking, Crafting and Coming Together

You might say I am a tad in-love with this quiet feast day.


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