Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday - Links I Love

On finding space
This from Ann Voskamp
“In a village floating on water — space can be hard to find.”
In a life like this — space can be hard.In a life standing on thin stilts over waves — space can be hard to find, space to think and dream and make and read and do and become.

All I have said for months is that I need SPACE. Mental, emotional, physical, creative. 
Ann has managed to challenge and comfort and inspire me all at once.

Read it.
Trust me.

On writing, faith, memoir
This interview with Sue Monk Kidd. Love her.
"All personal theology should begin with the words, Let me tell you a story. "
- Sue Monk Kidd

On a Burfday
This from Shannan- Our situation with K is different, a lot less permanent, but man oh man  there things about that this that feel so similar. 
"I wanted the fairytale that doesn't actually exist, but I wanted it more than ever that night...
What we all got instead was ordinary. Imperfect. We got real life, which is what we've gotten every day for the past six months with this guy."

Some brevity

This (which I found thanks to Sarah) about the big, bad, Fox Books filing for bankruptcy.

“This place was all about giving our customers the Fox Books experience,” the shrewd yet thoroughly likable and charming Fox continued. “You could sit and read for hours and no one would bother you. We had 150,000 titles. It was a place where people could mingle and mix and just be. We were a goddamn piazza!”

Some Nostalgia  

Did you know that you can watch episode, after episode of The Bloodhound Gang from 3-2-1- Contact? This was my favorite part of the show. Those outfits were groovy man.


Most popular post here: Fluffing the Nest
My favorite: At the Intersection (still time to enter to when Megan's book!)
Writings Elsewhere This Week: Candlemas Trio 

Happy Weekend friends!

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