Friday, January 03, 2014

Five on Friday -Links I love

One of my little goals for 2014 is to see if this blog can be viable. This goal was not born out of dissatisfaction for how things are - and this is important, because for me NOTHING goes right when I am motivated by jealousy or greed or self-pity or even competition- but out of excitement about how things seem to be going, and could go, if I was slightly more intentional about how things run around here. There seem to be some doors cracking open, and instead of sitting on my hands, safe and timid, I am going to be brave and take some risk. This may be a big ole flop, and in a year I may be back to the way the things were. But some things you just have to try, and building this little platform up a bit is something I need to try.

So to that end I am going to start some regular features and I am going to begin offering sponsorship ads later this month (yikes!) 

The first new regular feature is going to be Five on Fridays - Links I love and will highlight 5 favorite links from the previous week. Links that highlight my favorite finds of the good, the beautiful, the messy, the redemptive. Sometimes there will be a unifying thread between the links, and sometimes it will just be whatever strikes my fancy.

This week I am linking to things All About New Beginnings for a New Year

Alison's story about a long time goal is so good, and such a good reminder to those parts of my heart that can feel a little weary of holding out hope.
"But sometimes a dream has to take a backseat to other parts of our lives. We have children to raise or a loved one to care for. We have debts to pay off or a new roof to buy. But if we keep writing them down, saying them out loud and asking if this is the year, then one day, like beauty from ashes, a buried dream can rise."

Laura's story about the walls coming down
"I know all too well that circumstances and soul are not often in sync. Leaving my heart on the table has made me feel more balanced, whoever would have thought that? My insides more closely resemble my outsides and I’ve tried extra hard to make myself feel everything."

Megan's story about frustration and growth
"I spent most of the end of 2013 in a state of constant, frustrated disappointment with myself. No amount of grace-giving and gentle encouragement from family and friends could ease the frustrations that kept surfacing. In many ways, it was in those closing months of that difficult, painful year that I began to long and ache and dream to be fully out of survival mode, but no matter what, I couldn't seem to translate that longing into action."

This. What a great set of goals for the new year in regards to our eating habits.
Not crazy over the top, nothing knee jerk here. Just simple, sustainable habits.
Love this article on the history of these posters.

The Episcopal Church on Twitter is one of the most comforting and uplifting things to be found on Social Media, and following them -regardless of whether you are Episcopal or Baptist or Pentecostal or whatever- could be a wonderful start to your new year. Miles and I particularly love their evening prayers and often he will not go to sleep till I have shared the latest one with him. Here is recent favorite:  Be our light in the darkness, O Lord, and in your great mercy defend us from all perils and dangers of this night; for the love of your only Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen. (The Book of Common Prayer/The Episcopal Church)

Just for kicks-Most Popular Post Around Here this week: Dyson Hand-held vacuum giveaway!!

Cheers and blessings for the New Year!


  1. I'm glad you're doing the blog! I love your book and look forward to fun stuff here too!!

  2. Excitement is a great motivator! Here's hoping the door swings open and 2014 holds great things for you.


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