Monday, November 11, 2013

this time of year

I love this time of year.
I love all the leaves falling everywhere (this is because I don't rake them, I know.)
I love all the thankful and grateful post.
I love watching all the Thanksgiving episodes of Gilmore Girls and West Wing.
(I want Amy Sherman-Palladino and Aaron Sorkin to have a TV baby together. 
And I want to be their set designer. Or coffee fetcher.)
And that in just a few weeks I will be watching all the Christmas episodes.
I love that I can now wear boots and sweaters and scarves.
I love that thanks to my friend Andrea I now know how to plant bulbs for the spring.
I love the pumpkin candles and a fire in our fireplace and all the pots of chili, and soup, and chicken and dumplings on the stove.
I love that the time has come to legitimately start getting excited about pie. And decorations. And holiday parties. And cookie exchanges. And gift making. 

Do you love this time of year as well or is it just me?



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  1. THIS. Is my favorite time of year. For all the reasons you just listed above! Last year, I tried not to watch the sappy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving, but time ran out before my "watch list" did. So this year, I'm already into them - - I'll save the classics until after Thanksgiving.
    I never want to miss this season of being Thankful, And - I made an uber cheap garland that I hung above the window the table sits in front of from the ribbon that tied the washcloths together I purchased from Target for the Operation Christmas Child boxes and a $2.99 packet of silk leaves from Rite Aid! Pumpkins and gourds and little dried corn is scattered all over my house and the front porch! And it's been decided that the biscuits from your book are the only ones we're making from now on!

  2. I adore everything about this time of year. Well, maybe except the stress. For some reason we end up having a lot of visitors around this time and I feel like I am in a constant rotation of cooking and cleaning when what I really want to be doing is crafting and reading. LOVE your entry!

  3. Love, love fall almost as much as I love summer. It's been such a gorgeous fall that I hate to see it leave, but I have already started decorating doors for Christmas. It's such a mood maker. I love your entry. It's so colorful, cheery and welcoming. xoxoxo

  4. Your blog is beautiful...I'm a new follower thanks to Hannah at Happy Days!

  5. Hurrah for autumn!


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