Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloweenie 2013

Oh they are too big. And I am not even sure what their costumes are. I helped make Miles but I could never pronounce the name. He was a character from a video game he isn't even really allowed to play. But he was happy with the result, so there you go. Special K is perpetually 8 going on 18, so the cheerleader outfit was perfect for her. I tried to convince her that cheerleaders can't wear dangling earrings, but their allure was just too powerful.  I think Wylie was some sort of Special Forces guy. Most everything came from our favorite thrift store and our closets. I miss the days of cute little costumes, but I am just grateful that they still like to dress up go trick-or-treating.

This was by far the smallest Hoopla we have ever had, (which was by design considering today's Memorial Service, and our couch guest, ) but it was still so lovely. All our friends brought yummy food, and it was fun to see all the theme things that showed up on the table. This morning the kids all ate leftover Mummy Dogs for breakfast. 

 I threw up a simple smattering of decorations after work, and took them right back down after the party. It was fun to get them out and see them. A few items are looking a little worn, but I don't really love to decorate for Halloween too early. I am more of a general fall decor kind of gal overall.
Also, I have to admit that am already ready to start thinking about Christmas. I think maybe that is because last year was such a hard holiday season with my broken foot and finish the final book edits etc.  Also I am doing some Advent/Christmas themed workshops this month in conjunction with the book, so I have Christmas on the brain more than usual for this time of year.

Jeanetta and I dressed up as loose interpretations of Lucy and Ethel. I am Ethel to her Lucy every time. It was lots of fun until I took a bad fall off the front stoop and scraped up my entire right leg and sprained the top of my left foot. Today I was walking like a hobbled old lady at the Memorial service. 
But we had fun sitting on the sofa and making funny faces. I think we will give it another go next year and I will even have my hair done in pin curls. Maybe We can get the husbands to go with us as Ricky and Fred. Hehe.

So that is our Halloweenie recap for 2013. 
I hope your last day of October 2013 was a lovely and fun one however you spent it.
Much love-

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  1. Was it Altair from Assassin's Creed?


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