Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Camp Lovely CraftAway 1

All pictures in this post are by my sister and fab photographer Jemimah B. 

So if you follow me on FB or Instagram or Twitter, you may have noticed that I am part of a little something called Camp Lovely and that a few weekends ago we went away on a little adventure we  called CraftAway. This is a little bit about all of that.

Camp Lovely is a group of 5 friends who came together around the same idea -creating experience's of community for crafty gals like ourselves and gals like YOU! 
Someone once asked me how I picked these friends for this adventure. 
My honest answer was-and is- this "I didn't pick them, they all picked me. And we all picked each other!" It just sort of happened. Like the first time someone dipped a french fry into their Frosty or a strawberry into melted chocolate... It was just magic.
Since the first time we ever all gathered, one thing has been on our minds - to figure out a way to host some crafty camping retreats. Taking inspiration from Meg, we wanted to find a place where gals could gather and craft, flea market, and eat yummy food and find friendship and camaraderie.
But we wanted to put our own spin on the craft retreat idea. We wanted to do it Camp Lovely style. 
So after months of planning, the big weekend was finally here. We had all sweet talked different friends from church and work and playgroups to join us for this adventure at campground lodge on top of Petit Jean Mountain (where the beds already all had adorable handmade quilts on them btw) which is about an hour and half outside of Little Rock. 
Our unique location   meant lots of s'mores and laughter around the campfire, breathtaking views, and late night glasses of sangria, and yes, bugs. 
After all this is Camp Lovely. 
We are crafty gals who also love nature and the outdoors, so most of our overnight adventures will include extra visitors like bugs and dirt. If that's not your thing, that is OK too. We will be hosting some "towny" events as well - Day Camps and evening mixers and smaller gatherings for those who "don't do bugs,"  but in our heart of hearts we are camping gals. It's just how we roll. 

Over the weekend we completed six easy crafts - from beading to sewing to wreath wrapping. We wanted to make sure that each camper walked away with several cute items they could keep or give as gifts, and perhaps even try a new craft skill or two!
 But it wasn't just crafting - we also went on a picnic, did some flea marketing in adorable Downtown Morrilton, sat on the cliffs and enjoyed the view, napped and feasted outside under the stars.
The weekend was absolutely lovely, and the gals and I learned so much. (Like why having a Craft House would be SO much more convenient. We will be doing some serious investing in Rubber Maid tubs over the next few months.) I am so grateful to have friends like these in my life, who will take on such wild and crazy adventures with me!

 If you want to see more about this wonderful weekend you can also visit the CL Blog.  There you will find post about our great Camp Lovely Sponsors and see more pictures from our fun weekend!

If you would like to become a Camp Lovely Camper and join us for our next CraftAway please send us an email at  info {at} camplovely {dot} com and we will add you to our mailing list!

And if you would like to stay updated on CL happenings please follow us on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.  Our next event is a fun one - a Craft Swap on November 8 and it is FREE for all!  Clean out those craft supply closets and drawers and join us for this fun evening. I will be there with bags full of goodies to share :)

Thanks again to all the Camp Lovely Craft Away Sponsors:

PS- Thank you for all the love and sweet words you have shared with me upon my Grandaddy's passing. There is still much to be done to care for my Nana, and reading your kind and loving comments has boosted my spirits in so many ways.

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