Thursday, September 05, 2013

living room fluffing

So first if you look closely you will see how dirty my couch is. So don't look. One day I will have a white slipcover for it. Yes, I said white. White I can wash. And bleach. And wash and bleach again. But I am not complaining. I spent $60 on our couch at Goodwill and it is by fair my favorite couch we have ever owned. In fact, I should spend more time there. On the couch. Not Goodwill. I spend plenty of time at GW as it is.

Okay, the second thing. My rug. (Yeah, I know. It's white.) I bought it for $16.99 at Atwood's. A farm supply store. The embossed pattern is of corn stalks.  Which I didn't notice till I unrolled it at home. 
$16.99 people.  Corn stalks. White. What is not to love? I feel as if somewhere Jonathan Adler is smiling at my luck.

This is my most recent curbside find. I tend to prefer round coffee tables, but hey, it was free! I think I am going to paint it, just toying with color ideas.  Should I go for the color in the lamp base? The background of the nest painting? The coral red in the quilt? Leave it like it is? I can tell you what will happen. One day, who knows when, I will get a wild hair and paint it whatever color is closest to my hand in the moment. This is how things get done around here. On whims. Using what I have on hand. Because chances are, the whim will strike at 10 pm or during a snow storm or right before a party. Because wet paint is always fun at parties. Right?

Third, here is my mantle. I keep thinking I am going to simplify my decorating.And then I do something like this.
This is my "Back-2-School" mantle. Remember how I said whims may strike at 10PM? Yeah, this would be the result of one of these moments. I found this banner when I was putting away our Happy Birthday banner. Every now and then I miss my banner making days. I still have all the supplies. Every now and then I think I will pull everything out and make half a dozen or so. This was one of my all time favorites.  Even though we have been in school for almost two months, most other schools just started, as did the college football season. I am not quite ready for Fall and Halloween decor right after Labor Day - the temperatures are still close to 100 degrees after all. So the Back-2-School theme seems a good way to transition from Summer to Fall.
I love clean lines. I like a mixture of industrial and farmhouse and cottage.  I like for things I purchase to be both functional and lovely. I can't stay away from color. AI like whimsy. I like banners and vintage kids toys and chalkboards. It is just how it is. So simple or cluttered...I don't know. This is just who I am. Go figure.
Guess what?? It's almost the weekend!
I am heading out to the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference Unplugged! I cannot wait to meet up with all the new friends I met last year, spend time with some of my very best IRL friends whom, and meet new friends as well.  Will I see you there? 

Peace friends!


  1. Cute coffee table - I would love to see it RED! Have you tried carpet cleaner on your couch - that is what I have always used and it works well! And aren;t you brave with a white rug (with 3 guys in the house!!) I Hope you have "scotch guarded" it! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I'm again' it. Oh wait, I mean I absolutely love it. To paint or not to paint. That is the question.
    The answer is...maybe.

  3. I just love your house so much. It is just an all time favorite. You could post pictures every day and I would never tire of seeing it. I think that table would look great in the background color of the picture or the green know color on the dresser. Or any other random fun color you whip out.

    1. you are too sweet! one day you WILL hang out in my casa!!

  4. Coffee table score! Go red my friend! That would be such a fun pop of warm bright color in your cool green room. Love your space as always!

  5. I love the idea of a coral red table in that room -- such a beautiful bright pop of color right in the middle, against the creamier couch and rug.

    My sofa (also thrifted) is emerald green, so... my coffee table will live vicariously through you.

    1. ohh I bet your sofa is fab!

  6. The corn rug is awesome and what a steal! As I read through this post for the 3rd or 4th time (promise I'm not stalking ;) I realized I was drawn back to it because I LOVE your new little coffee table and I realized I need a smaller one for my living room. I agree with the other comments, go for a bold coral/red color!

    1. Thanks! I really cannot believe my luck with the rug!


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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