Sunday, September 08, 2013

hi friends

Hi friends. Thought I would check in a bit and see how things are.
I just spend the best weekend at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference. This was my second year to go and it just keeps getting better.The AWBU gals are the most supportive women in the world, and I just adore being with them all. If you are feeling a bit adrift in the blog world I would really encourage you to look for a group in your area, state, or region that you can connect to. 

My partner in blog conference crime, Melissa, and I snuck out of AWBU a little early so that we could get our families to church this morning to kick off the new Sunday School year. My boys have not been a part of a regular Sunday School class in years and the fact that they are even slightly excited about this year's new program was enough to motivate me to come home a tad early. Of course I was still checking Twitter for all the AWBU news before and after the service to see what I was missing.

The rest of the day has been about being mellow, lots of napping, and recovering from all the fun.

I meant to share these links earlier in the week but I was thwarted in my efforts. If you have the chance go check out my Interview at Catholic Mom and see the Red Cross Pillow Craft just in time for Holy Cross Day (September 12.) 

I hope your weekend has been just what you needed it to be.

Wishing you peace my friends.


  1. You were the best Vanna White ever! Love you!

    1. awe thanks!! so glad you were there!!

  2. So glad you came and enjoyed! Here's to many more years of AWBU fun!

    1. yes!! it just gets better and better!


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