Friday, August 30, 2013

shall we vlog? cha cha cha

My intention was to post this video this morning.  But then it took one million years to load. So, instead of morning coffee, let's have some evening coffee. It is Friday night after all!

PS- Do you even like vlogging (not the word, no one likes the word, but the concept??)

Happy Friday!


  1. I loved your vlog! Cute, cute hair. And so nice to hear your voice! I would say I'm a fan of the vlog because it just feels so much more personable...I love seeing a face :) AND-I just bought the same line of paper as your stickers (the ones with the mason jar with the hearts inside). I *may* have splurged on it, giving up a chunk of my monthly budget.....and for that reason, *may* simply sift through the pages, breathing happy sighs but not daring to cut it up yet. LOL>

    OH, and about the voice thing-hopefully when we meet you don't think my voice sounds like a man's....or a two-year old girls. LOL :)

  2. Seriously, I ADORE you. Seeing your sweet face first thing this morning over coffee and listenting to you, made my day.

  3. Love the video! So nice to join you for morning coffee even if I am seriously late today. Oh well it's Saturday. And it's nice to know I'm not the only one who wants to "crawl up in there and live inside the cute" when looking at craft supplies. Very reassuring that even if I am crazy, there are others around like me! :)

  4. This was so precious, Jerusalem! I've followed you on Pinterest for a while but just now got around to checking out your blog. I feel like i'm in this cozy creative heaven :) The vlog was perfect timing because I feel like I was "meeting" you anyways! Hope you have a blessed weekend! -Sally

    PS... i lived in Searcy for 4 years at Harding, so I'm loving the Central Arkansas familiarity!

  5. You are even more charming "in person"! You seem like the sweetest thing!

  6. I enjoyed YOUR video -- and indeed I usually enjoy vlogs when I watch them -- but I almost never watch them.

    In the first place, I don't want to annoy my husband or my office-mate by playing a video that they have zero interest in. It really irks me when I'm trying to work and my husband starts playing distracting snippets of something (and he's working on things to enhance his classroom presentations, so it's legit, and it STILL annoys me).

    In the second place, I like to read.

    In the third place, most vlogs I've seen are cute but content-free.

    I just skip them.

    So I'm not making a personal judgement about YOUR vlog, which, as I said, I thought was cute. But you asked what we think of vlogs. And this is what I think: I don't like 'em. If you do more of them, I might watch them, because generally speaking I've been interested in what you have to say on the page. But I might skip them, when I'm busy, when I'm not alone, when I'm in a quiet mood.

    (And right now as I typed this... my husband started playing a viral video about Phish. And it irritated me, because I was trying to concentrate on something else... and then it distracted me, by demanding that I pay attention to it. SO ANNOYING. Although not quite as annoying as those video ads that start playing without your permission. I will just close that whole website when one of those things starts telling me to buy the car or the Tide or the insurance.)

  7. Thanks for all the great comments! I think I am going to Vlog once a week, on Saturday mornings. I really enjoyed the format, especially on the weekends when things are a little more chill :)

  8. You are as cute as a button. And your voice is sweet and I felt like I was listening to and watching a friend. I am always so impressed by you. You seem very brave and real and I like that! Keep it up! Oh and I wish we lived closer to each other cuz I would love to know you for reals! Peace, Melinda


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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