Wednesday, August 07, 2013

follow the yellow brick trend

As you can see I am having a bit of a yellow moment in the bedroom. Which means I have been taken in once again by the trend setters. Oh well, it is what it is. I am loving the yellow-y musterdy pops against my aquas and reds and whites. It feels so happy.
Also I have started a bit of a plate thing in over our tv area. Which, yes, I know, it needs help,
The dresser is really too small for Nathan and the tv. But for now it is fine. Ish.
And yes, we have pillow issues too. But baby steps people. I just started this settling-back-in business.

In other news... Have you hopped over to Camp Lovely yet? I am blogging about my funny camping style today! Click here to read...

(PS- you can grab this button or the one on my sidebar if you want to be a Campy Lovely camper as well!)

Cheers & Blessings friends!


  1. the yellow is fabulous! you have great taste, Jerusalem!!! and your bed frame is amazing - love the white with the yellow! so fresh. so summery.


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