Tuesday, August 27, 2013

drug induced randomness

Guess what? I have strep throat! Yay me!
So, in the past thirty days I have had the flu, a sinus infection, and now strep. 
Gotta love my immune system. What there is of it.
So I am home in bed, quarantined for 24 hours, and hopped up on meds. 
To celebrate I thought I would share just a random scattering of photos and thoughts.

This is Brian. Technically he is Miles' fish. But really he is mine. I once kept a goldfish alive for over two years. And then my little sister Jemimah fed him MagicSand. Do you remember magic sand? That was the end of Sam the fish. 
My tip for keeping gold fish alive: don't wash their bowls with soap. Ever. Only with really really really hot water.

 If you have ever been to my house and sat in these chairs and worked the entire time to keep from falling out of them my apologies. It only took me a year but we have finally fixed the seats and the height and they are one hundred percent more comfy to sit in. In fact, once I am over this crud, you should come over and give them a test sit. I will make cookies.

Miles had a sleepover Saturday night with his friend Haden. Haden is our life saver because he and Miles were instant friends the moment they met at church. Miles has never liked change much and he pretty much basis his opinion of things like school and church on whether or not he has friends there. So it was a huge blessing that when we began attending our church, Miles and Haden found each other almost right away. This past Sunday was the big kick-off for the upcoming Sunday School season and we had Haden over the night before so that the boys could get excited together about meeting their new teachers and the new year.

This is what our living room looked like the next morning and I can't help but wonder... Do all sleepovers involve snare drums, brooms, slingshots and mallets , among other wacky items?

This is a Zinnia that Speck picked at small roadside farm and market. I love Zinnia's. I am thinking I should grow some next year... Have you ever planted any??

Ok, back to bed for me. I gotta get well! September is a busy month for me!



  1. Sorry to read you're sick friend! It's time for you to be well it sounds like! Sending prayers and hugs your way. :)

    I have a funny story about almost killing the class Beta fish (when I was the teacher-EEEEK)...it laid in the drain of our sink at home for hours....and somehow survived. :) Whew.

    Looking forward to meeting you sooooooon.

  2. Get well soon you!

    I always love seeing pictures of your cozy house. Makes me want to curl up in a corner somewhere.


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