Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Tickeled Pink for the 4th of July

(bunting shown is from Chapter 17 of A Homemade Year)

I don't know about your creative process, but part of the way mine works is that themes-words, colors, patterns, ideas- tend to emerge all on their own, often without any conscious push from me.
They just seem to all bubble to the top before I can even decide what I want to do.

And that is exactly what happened way back in May during my visit to the Hobnob Market.
Once I got my tent decorated and pulled out all the supplies (which had all been hurriedly packed with very little planning) for each of the demonstrations a very obvious theme emerged:

Red, White, Aqua and Pink- alternative Independence Day color scheme.

Several of the projects I made where from my book, for instance this Doily and Hankie Bunting (found in Chapter 20,) but because I was having to demonstrate how I made them I had to grab all new supplies before leaving home.
Apparently I already had the 4th of July on the brain, because everything I grabbed was some shade of red, pink, aqua or white.

Even Jeanetta was feeling the patriotic color scheme love subliminally, because she chose all of these fabrics from my stash when she was helping me get ready for the trip.
It did not occur to either of us until the Patchwork Wreath (Chapter 21) was complete that it was a cheery shabby-chic-ish take on the standard colors of Old Glory herself.

But it was not just projects from the book that displayed this color scheme. Oh no.
Even my mini- "summer entertaining" - demonstration was showing off this new softer patriotic look.

While I was showing shoppers how to mix and match vintage (Melamie and Tupperware,) thrifted (gingham plates,) new (red plates from Walmart,) and disposable (plasticware,) picnic items for a fun summer table setting (with the help of some washi tape love!) I realized that once again, the same color pallet was emerging.

Even my Southern Voodoo Punch couldn't escape the thematic love.

Or the washi tape.

How the daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher came to have her own signature adult beverage is something just shy of scandalous. 
Oh well.
It sure is yummy.

Southern Voodoo Punch
to make mix together:
1 Bottle of Boones Farm Fuzzy Navel, chilled
1 Bottle of Sparking Wine or Champagne, chilled
64 Oz of Pink Grapefruit Juice (low sugar,) chilled

Serve cold. And with caution.
This stuff is like southern gals, it's pretty, sweet and it can wallop a mean punch.

To balance all the pink and aqua we had a lovely bouquet of sunflowers (provided by our Hobnob Host,) which was just perfect. I think sunflowers are the most perfect summertime flower, and they always look great with any 4th of July decor.
 Especially the pink and aqua kind.

So there you have it.
A little last minute bit of 4th of July entertaining ideas and a small glimpse into my creative (and often chaotic) process.

Much love,

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  1. What a wonderfully fun post! Thank you Jerusalem.


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