Sunday, July 21, 2013

sunday's challenge-what if?

What if instead of hearing Jesus scolding Martha for being busy, what if instead we hear Jesus encouraging Martha to take a break? To give herself permission to rest. 
To sit. To listen. To go slow. 

What if we heard it as a reminder instead of as a reprimand?

Yes. The laundry has to get done, dinner has to be considered, and deadlines are real things.

But first, always first, go back to the source. 
Lean in a little closer. Wait a little longer. Breathe a little deeper.


  1. Well said. And in my house those names could changed to Jim and Jen. I'm listening.

  2. I like that idea! I've always felt like a Martha and always thought, "Well, somebody had to do the work!" So the idea of taking a break to listen sounds wonderful to me!

  3. Yes, yes. I believe that is exactly how he said it! Jesus would never have shamed her but only gently lead her to a better way of relationship.


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