Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Queen of Harts Bridal Shower

Last weekend I had the honor of helping throw a shower for the daughter of some of our very good friends.
We have known Caitlin since she was Miles' age or younger and I cannot believe she is all grown up and about to get married! 

 Caitlin, whose name will be Mrs. Caitlin Hart, as of August 3rd, is a creative and artistic and fashionable gal, who also loves Tim Burton movies, old Hollywood glam, vintage chic, and fairy tales (to name just a few.)
So we felt it was only right to throw her an Alice in Wonderland themed shower.

Instead of a fuzzy white rabbit kicking things off, we started with a fuzzy white wreath, with a nod towards our theme...

Then came a dreamlike book page garland, many tick-tock-clocks, and an old looking glass, which led straight to Wonderland where you could

meet Queen Alice, all ready for the party...

Drop off your gift, featuring a brooch for the brides bouquet...

Pass the Mad Hatter (aka Hank)...

and finally arrivie  at the Tea Party fit for a queen bride.

Jeanetta came over Saturday (she is the genius stylist behind the Mad Hatter and Alice) to help decorate and get things in order for the party.  We had a grand time creating and fluffing and dreaming up ideas, just like when we used to decorate and fluff our shop years ago.
Sweet Man asked how we split up the duties when we decorate, and I realized that we work so closely, and think so alike in this way, that I am not even sure how it all gets done. 
I guess that is what happens when you have been creating with someone- in some or fashion-for twenty years. Suddenly you realize it is a natural as breathing. It's a little bit like magic.

My friend Lynn brought all the decadent cakes and pies and tinsy sandwiches and tons of fruit.
Another friend, Kitzel, brought the flowers.
So wonderful to have friends who are happy to pitch in and help.

Jeanetta found these cute little "Here Comes the Bride" stir sticks at Target. We stuck them in everything- the cake, the flowers, used them for coffee stir sticks...

I loved getting to pull out all my party stuff and put it to good use.
It seems as if we have fallen into this lull where none of our friends are getting married or having babies, and our babies are not quite old enough to be doing those things themselves, so I have not thrown a shower in quite a while.
So great to pull out the vintage tea pots and the all the cake stands and cover everything with flowers.

Hank was breaking hearts right and left as the Matter Hatter aka King of Aces. 

The LOVE bunting my sister Jemimah made graced the light fixture.
This little bunting has come in handy on so many occasions.
I think I might need a few more...Maybe some PEACE, HOPE, and JOY ones? In a variety of colors??

  A whole bunch of favorites: Pompom garland, Striped candles, my Happy, Blessed flash card, as well as some Southern Voodoo Punch.

 I have a thing for finger sandwiches. I could eat two dozen in one sitting I think.
 There were cucumber ones and then another kind that had cranberries and cream cheese. Little bits of homegrown basil were interspersed as a garnish. I just loved these the most I think.

I love Ryan and Caitlin's Art Deco styled wedding invite.
So them.

Did I mention that I love getting to use all my vintage goodies?

Here is the Bride-to-Be receiving what I bet was her most favorite gift- a copy of the Vintage Tea Party book.
How apropos don't you think?


  1. The styling of that shower is so unique and made for the bride! What a memorable party!

    1. Perfect party!

  2. EEK! :) This is magical, whimsical, and pure perfection. I just adore each detail! :)

    You should submit this to MINGLE magazine. It would look gorgeous on a magazine spread!

  3. p.s.-and it would be heaven to wear that dress you have on the dress form.

    1. believe it or not, the only thing that is a "dress" on there is the cancan petticoat. The rest is just pinned fabric.

  4. Bravo! Love everything about this, and more!!!!

  5. You always do a great job. Wonderful. Love it. Congrats Caitlin.

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