Thursday, July 04, 2013

Home of the Free and the Brave, and US!

Here are some snaps of little bits of red, white, and blue scattered around our casa, our own personal home of the free and the brave.
Sweet Man is there today (he has a gig tonight,) while the boys and I are at the great-grandparents.
Coming here for the fourth has been a tradition since I moved back to Arkansas to go to college.
In all the years since (too many to admit to,) we have only missed a handful of these gatherings, maybe even less.
Some of the festivities have changed as we have changed (the fried chicken has been traded in for hot dogs and hamburgers, we do sparklers at home instead of going to the firework display.)
Some remain the same (being lazy on the screened in porch, going to the pool, Maw's potato salad.)
Some are new (ultimate Monopoly off and on all day, John Adams marathon.)

Regardless of what is new or what is different, I adore being here. Being with my family, continuing this tradition, celebrating the quest for liberty and freedom at the very nexus of my family roots. Somehow it seems the very best of all worlds.

I hope wherever you are today you are able to enjoy and celebrate life, love, and the pursuit of liberty and justice for all!

peace and blessings-

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  1. It sounds like a lovely way to spend the holiday. As always, I adore the way you have celebrated the holiday "Jerusalem style"!


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