Thursday, June 06, 2013

when in doubt, go with the chicken

So I finally got around to printing up some new business cards.
Racked with indecision and faced with a time crunch I went with my go-to image. The pink chicken. 
Because I needed them done so quickly, I whipped these up in Microsoft Publisher (yes, I am old school that way,) and had them printed at a locally owned print shop.
I just love an old school print shop. The way the air smells of hot ink chemicals, the constant whir of non-stop copy machines. 
Also I love that they know me. And that they are quick. Design these in the morning, pick them up in the afternoon. 
For someone (ahem, ME) who seems to be always living a little too close to deadlines this arrangement is perfect.
I got them because this weekend I am going to my biggest event yet on the Homemade Year tour.

Friday night and Saturday, I will be selling and signing books, as well as doing demonstations of various Homemade Year crafts at the  Hobnob Market in Danville, Illinois.

This event is different than any of the others I have done so for and I am both excited and anxious to see how it goes.
My sweet mother is going with me and Jeanetta has be a huge help in getting me organzied (so me details to think through!) I am so very grateful for Team Homemade - everyone who has helped launch this book into the world and everyone who has taken care of me in the process. I could not do any of these without them. 

The Hobnob Market is my last official appearance (golly that sounds pretentious) for a couple of months, and I am very ready for a break, for some lazy hazy days of summer. But I am excited about getting to kick things off with a road trip with my momma. I can't remember the last time we got to spend so much time just the two of us. 

So those are my weekend plans- what are yours? Are you coming to see me in Danville? 

(PS-Don't forget to enter my giveaway from yesterday- I am LOVING hearing about all your favorite camp memories,) 

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  1. Cute, cute cards! I love them. I hope you have a lot of car space to bring back some junk goodies ;). I'm going garage sale-ing tomorrow. Treasures or trash? We shall see. :)


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