Tuesday, June 11, 2013

what I saw-some hobnob market eyecandy

I am still attempting to get unpacked, and tackle all the chores that have piled up around here during the book tour. 
So instead of trying to put together a coherent stream of deep thoughts -or even just original thoughts-I have decided to take the easy way out and just post lots of  pictures of vendor booths from  the Hobnob Summer Market last weekend. 
The market was held at the Kennekuk County Park, iu Danville, IL, a park that  is packed with amazing restored buildings, huge green fields,  and was the  perfect backdrop for an outdoor summer fete, and the weather was lovely. It did get hot in the sun at times, but the breeze was wonderful. And the heat was nothing compared to a deep Arkansas summer.

But enough about the weather, here are some of my favorite bits and pieces:

Here are some of my favorite vendors from the day-or at least the ones I managed to grab cards from!
For more info on vendors and upcoming markets you can check out the Hobnob Market FB page

Holly and Scott Snelling, whose baby Hobnob is, did a great job putting this event together.
I think we need them to come do this in Arkansas and bring all their vendor friends with them, don't you??


  1. How could not buy everything you saw? Wow. What a place!

  2. Eeep, thanks for linking to my site, Jerusalem! It was lovely seeing you! :)

  3. Is this heaven? Sure looks close to me. All those lovely, creative people. A red barn! I mean, it almost doesn't get better than that.

    I'm having a mini handmade market with a few friends at house in the country at the end of the month. You have inspired me to go for it, whether it turns out big or small in number. Thank-you!!

    And I have to ask-did you buy any of this cute stuff?

  4. Your pictures were great. Wish I had found that little metal chair, it would have come home with me. It was wonderful to meet you!
    ladybug Cottage


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