Monday, May 20, 2013

monday musings

Here are all the things I know for sure after this weekend:
*I am way more introverted than I think- at least with strangers.
*I really am blessed to have the sorts of friends that I have. The sort that will go along on your escapades, get sunburned and be sleep deprived just to help you out (more on this to come...) 
*I really did a good thing by marrying Nathaniel Wayne Greer almost 16 years ago. I think we will be good empty-nesters as my friend Alison says.
*I will be yarn (or doily) bombing the trees in my front yard.
*I am infinitely interested in the education of women over the course of history
* I really miss researching. 
*Hats really do look best on curly headed gals.
*Vacationing in an all-white house really is as dreamy as I always imagined (more on this to come...)
* I am not an Energizer Bunny. And I no longer aspire to be one.
* Prodigal Summer is a great book. It may be a favorite.
*I can go three days without opening my laptop.

Here are somethings I am considering after this weekend:
* I think I might be ready to downsize from a King bed to a Queen...
* Hanging all white curtains in every room during the summer months
* I think maybe the idea of how to make authentic friendships as adult women is something that needs to be explored further. Thoughts?
*Is anyone an extrovert around strangers?

OK that is all for today.
I am still in the re-entry phase from our lovely weekend away, but I did want to say hello.
More in depth discussions of many of these topics, and more answers to your questions to come soon!


  1. I SO wanted to make it to Eureka this weekend to meet you! I adore Eureka Springs and your book so it would have been a match made in heaven. But alas, baby duty took over. :) Maybe another time. Can't wait to hear more about your weekend! And authentic friendships are a MUST. but sometimes hard to come by, even for this extrovert ;)

  2. I am such a talker but in unfamiliar situations I just shut down. It's weird isn't it. I loved Prodical Summer also and I have a book I just finished and I thought of you the whole time I was reading it. Check out my review and If you think you would like it I will pass it on to you rather than have a give away this time ;) Have a great week!

  3. My comment has nothing to do with this post - - I read the chapter in your book yesterday about your family and your community and the tornado. Because of your words, I know better how and what to pray for them.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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