Thursday, May 16, 2013

just a lovely time

Tuesday night my friend Christen Byrd (far right) threw me and A Homemade Year a Living Room Tour party in her backyard.
The night was amazing. 
The weather was perfect, warmish, breezy, fluffy clouds overhead.
The decor absolutely sumptuous.
Christen is an amazing party thrower and no detail was spared for this little shin-dig. Seriously. This gal 
Party guest Amara (on the left) even made a recipe from the book- Summer Pineapple Pasta Salad (found in the Ordinary Time chapter) for us all to sample.
Christen's kids played several games of Memory using the Old Joseph Cards (the printable can be found here) and other bits and pieces from the book made their way into the party scene-including lots of gingham and vintage sheets.

Learning to juggle family, work, book promotion and speaking engagements has been a bit of a challenge over the past two months, but nights like these makes it all worth it.
The ladies who came were delightful, sweet and so welcoming. 
I loved getting to share part of my story and hear part of theirs. 
Every time I get to speak to a group I have to pinch myself a little bit.  I am beyond blessed, and I am so grateful to be asked. Pouring out hope, tender truth, and  light into the hearts of others is no small thing and I try my best to handle  the responsibility gently, respectfully, and  humbly. 
No one in this world has to listen to a word I say, or read a line I write, so each time someone chooses to do so is a huge honor.  
And each time one of my friends invites me to share my book and story and heart with their friends, I am doubly honored, because they know me and if what I was sharing was bs, they would be the first ones to say so. They would not hang handmade buntings and make lemon bars and invite their friends over to meet me. 
Which is why I have to pinch myself.


Speaking of listening and reading....
I taped my very first ever radio interview last week and you can now listen to it here (of course it is so weird to hear my own voice. And I sort of sound like a grown-up. How did that happen??)

I am confessing a bit about motherhood over at the Little Rock Family blog with a small excerpt from A Homemade Year

And I am reinventing a garage sale find over on the At Home blog 

PS-If you like the look of this party, and the idea of having a little get-together filled with crafts, yummy food and blessings, stay tuned... Something LOVELY is coming soon....

PPS- Have a good weekend! I am off to Eureka Springs, AR for most of mine. See you all here next week.

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