Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Going to Moss Mountain and such things

Hello friends.

How are you??
Me? I am good but a bit worn out, I cannot lie.
These are busy days for me. 
But busy with good stuff.
Today I am particularly happy about the following:
Today someone is coming to clean my house.
Today I am hoping to set up our very fancy (ha!) blow-up pool.
Today I am listening to To Kill A Mockingbird on YouTube. Did you know that you can find audio books on YouTube? I didn't either until recently. So handy.
Today the sun is shining and I am embracing it.

I will be posting more answers to your questions  soon, but not today.  Instead  I wanted to share a little bit about what the rest of my month looks like, as I am doing a lot of traveling, and I hope some of it leads me to you!

{A little fashion inspiration board for my Bean2Blog day}
Apron, Shirt, Similar Pants, Boot, Hat, Necklace

First of all, I am SO excited about going back to Moss Mountain Farm to see P. Allen Smith, his gardens, his AMAZING house and his sweet animals.  Last year was so much fun, and I can't believe I get to go again. We will be learning all about Soybeans again, and how to grow, prepare, and get the most use from them. If you have any questions -of any kind - for Allen, please leave a comment on this post and I will be sure and ask him for you! 

In addition to going to Moss Mountain, I have many other speaking engagements and events happening over the next few weeks. Here is a breakdown of when and where I will be from now till June 8-if you live in an area close to these events I hope you will come out and see me!

May 17 - Eureka Thyme, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 5-8 PM, book signing and readings

May 19 - Books In Bloom Literary Festival, Eureka Springs Arkansas
May 21- Going to Bean2Blog at Moss Mountain Farm with P. Allen Smith
May 25 - The Culinary District, Hot Springs, AR 1-3PM, Book Signing and Demo Event
June 1 Women's Institute, Arkansas Episcopal Church Women Retreat, Petite Jean, Arkansas Contact Wanda Dudley

June 7, 8 - Hobnob Market, Danville, IL. Will be doing craft demo's, reading from book, and selling/signing books as wellat this pop-up style vintage & handmade market at The Barn at Bunker Hill - inside Kennekuk County Park near Danville, IL. Contact


  1. Your inspiration outfit looks way cuter than what I was planning to wear. Maybe I'll re-evaluate. Look forward to meeting you next week.

    1. Thanks Karen! You should wear what you are comfy in, but that you don't mind being photographed in all day long- cause that is what ends up happenin!

  2. Ironically, I am planning to wear a similar shirt to Moss Mountain! Can't wait to see you again and catch up!

    1. OK, so what color is your gingham? I have a couple of options ...

  3. A once in a lifetime trip, Twice!!! Enjoy the mountain. Your outfit is perfect, Hedy

    1. Thanks Hedy! I will! I wonder what I will notice the 2nd time around?

  4. Is there a chance you could bring me an autographed copy of your book to Bean2Blog?? I don't have a copy yet, and would love to have one. If you can do that please email me the cost and I'll have it ready for you. Thank you.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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