Friday, April 05, 2013

happy, blessed, famille

Remember how I said that having a book was similar to having a baby in that your normal life still keeps going?
Um, yep.
So yesterday I had the most awful 24 hour stomach virus ever.
I have not been that sick since I was pregnant with Miles.
There are places on my sides that hurt from the straining.
And all the while friends where posting right and left on my Facebook page, pictures of their books arriving
So there was part of me that was all "yay!" and then part of me that was all ...
 You get the idea.
Thankfully all three of my fellas took great care of me through it all.

Tomorrow is my big local book signing event at WordsWorth Books in Little Rock. The event is from 1-3pm, and I will be selling and signing books the whole time. So if you live local come on over and see me. 
Jeanetta is going to be my wing-gal for this event, and hopefully we will get to do a little thrifting before the event. Due to holidays and illness I have not had the chance to set foot in a flea market since before Lent.
The time has come.

I do have to say though, that giving up shopping for our home for Lent went really well, and was quite meaningful. I came away realizing just how often -sadly-that I self-soothe or distract myself by buying even the smallest decorative item for our house. How I turn to Target, or the thrift store down the street, to calm my worries, or to create a feeling of excitement, when I am bored or antsy.
I also remembered that I have the capability to say "no," or "not now," or "perhaps later." 
And that  I already have enough-more than enough- and that I am blessed beyond measure.

I finally figured out what I wanted to display on my screen window by using what I had on hand:

A vintage chalk-board
Vintage french/english flash cards
Funky crochet garland

A daily reminder of what we should give thanks for each and every day, and what we need cherish, and what we need to fight to protect.


  1. Love the chalkboard display! And I really wanted to come tomorrow but sadly, I don't think I will be able to make it now. :(
    So excited for you! I know you'll have lots of fun being famous tomorrow! ;)

  2. I love your daily reminder.....very much!
    Have a wonderful time signing your wonderful book!

  3. I have your book on my Amazon Wish List to order at the end of the month. :)


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