Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Could we- and by we, I mean you and me- build a house?

Today I had a thought. 
I wondered if we-you and me and maybe some of our friends- could build a house.  Together.
For someone else.
Someone we have never met.

This is Gogo Mandatshane Masinga and she needs a house, a home, an abode.

And it would cost us $500 American dollars. 
That's it.
You can't even buy a decent swing set for that amount a money in the US, let alone a house.

Gogo is a 78 years old woman from Mafucula, Swaziland. She is the age of many of our grandmother's and some of our mother's.

 She is unable to workdue to chronic pain in her knees, and must walk everywhere with her cane. The onlyfinancial aid she receives is the $10 elderly grant per month from thegovernment. Her home fell down two years ago and she has been living withneighbors/friends, basically whoever can take her in for a short while, and relies on donations of food and clothes for her basicneeds.  

I have learned of Gogo's situation through my friends Ian and Jenn Stephens whose official work in Swaziland is with the orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS. But really, their work is there to love on people. To be the tangible hands and feet of Christ to any and everyone they encounter-including Gogo.

So, Gogo needs a home. But she has no immediate family to care for her.
But she has us.

So here is the plan and the challenge-for all of us:

(photo of Melissa's copy from  the Homemade Collection on fb!)

Mother's Day is coming up, as are many weddings,graduations, and baby showers. What better time to give a copy of a personally signed and autographed copy of A Homemade Year and help build Gogo's house at the same time? 

For every copy of A Homemade Year, sold through this link-the Gogo's House Paypal Link below- we will donate $5 to Gogo's House. PLUS Free Shipping!

That's 100 books to build a house. 

I will sign, pack and mail your books to whom ever you want. You can buy one or ten or twenty. 
I will write my name untill my wrist falls off. I will mail them to your cousin, aunt, best friend and your best friends dog. I will include a special note from you to them if you would like.

And I will be honest. I have no idea if this will work. This may be a nutty idea. But what if it isn't?
What if we could build a house together?

UPDATE: WE DID IT! We raised enough money plus some!! Thanks to everyone who donated!

Have I told you how amazing you all are??

PS-If you like this idea, please share it!
*To learn more about the work Ian and Jenn are doing, visit their blog. http://projectinghopeforswaziland.blogspot.com/


  1. this is amazing! I am in love with this idea Jerusalem!
    I love purchasing items that give...that is truly my heart. :)
    It'll work :)

    1. Thank you!! I am so excited!


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