Tuesday, April 30, 2013

all the little flowlers say pick me! a little rambling...

Spring is finally here. Hurrah!
Our yard is beginning to bloom.
I find that I am so much more content with our little city plot when it is green and lush.
It is so much easier to see the potential for a little cottage farm life in the city. 

As with most things, perspective is key. 
What I am looking at and how I am looking at it (whatever IT may be,) matter.
My yard is always my yard. The potential is always there.
I just get impatient. 
(It is almost always impatience with me isn't it?)
And that is the lens I look through. 
That is how I see it. I do not see it for  for what it is, or even what it could be, but instead I see it only for what it is not. And oh, how I zoom in on those little nuggets, magnifying them until they cloud all my vision. 
I think maybe that is a little bit how it is when trying to form friendships and tribes.
Sometimes I am too busy looking longingly at the person I want to be my friend, that I cannot see the person who is looking longingly at me, who wants to be mine.

All too often I  look through the lens of what I don't have - the friendship, the house, the yard, the body type, - for so long, that I forget there are other lenses I can choose to put on. 
There are other ways to see things.
That what is not can be beside the point.
Instead, I have to ask myself again: what is?

There are just two  pretty blooms on the little rose bush that grows by my bedroom window, and a whole lot of empty thorny branches.
I see both. 
Which one do I pick to take inside with me? The blooms or the thorns?
Again, and again, it is up to me to choose.


  1. This is a lovely reminder for May Day. I tend to focus far too much on the thorns. I'm trying really hard to count my blessings!!!

  2. Well said friend! I have that habit at looking at what isn't done and I'm trying hard to correct it.


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