Friday, April 19, 2013

a friday hodgepodge round up

It has been a while since I posted a round-up, and I thought going into the weekend might be a good time to do so.

On the Pinterest:

It fits in my farm-one-room-school-house-industrial style sensibilities.

House of Belonging House Tour
I just love Tif.
And her house. OMG.
To die for.
For instance, this dresser makes me soooo happy.

There are some things in the works in regards to camping cute and craft retreats and A Homemade Year.
Once everything is ready to go, you will be the first to know all the details!
Stay tuned!

Magic Corn- this really works
Seriously. It's magic. We did this last night.
My only notes would be to roll the corn over halfway through cooking.

On the nightstand:

So here is the thing. Sometimes I just need books that are fun. That are not too serious or too thought provoking or too real. For that reason, I love Sarah-Lynch Kate. Her books are full of colorful characters, always have a hint of whimsy, generally take place in a lovely foreign location, have a hint of romance, and often feature some sort of food as a main character (bread, cheese, wine, biscotti...) and the theme of "found family."  And though they are light and entertaining reads, I do not feel as if I am losing brain cells with every page turn.

I am soon going to run out of Sarah-Kate's books, so I am giving a few books that were "readers who liked those like these" picks a try. The first up is this book- The Secret Lives of Dresses. I will keep you posted.

On the interwebs:

I cannot even count the ways I love this post.

My friend shares her heart and I adore it.

Having suffered from depression, and having loved ones in my life who suffer from mental health issues, I am continually amazed by the stigma associated with mental health and the options for intervention and treatment  among the Christian community. I am proud of each and every person who works to remove shame and secrecy from this issue.

So these are the things that I have been reading, checking out, mulling over recently.
What about you?


  1. I love the types of books you mentioned just as a way to unwind after a long, hectic day, and am always looking for new authors. Can I would you rate Sara Lynch-Kate's books as far as cleanliness? PG? PG-13? (I don't know the terms for "rating" books...)


    Mrs. Gore

  2. jerusalemgreer3:11 PM

    I would say that they are PG-13. There is generally one or two very tame romantic encounters. They tend to be more about affection, and less about skin, but they are beyond G and sometimes PG.

  3. Gotcha! Thanks so much - that helps a lot.

    By the way, I found you through Pinterest awhile back, and love your pins (and your blog). God bless!


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