Thursday, March 14, 2013

the green of me

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This Saturday I will have my very first official speaking/reading/signing event as a published author. My first stop on the Homemade Year tour. The event is the Celtic Quiet Day Retreat at St. Luke's in North Little Rock (you can see all upcoming events Here.) I have been so busy at work and gearing up for the book launch and blog tour that I have barely let anything else register. Things like Spring Break starting tomorrow or that St. Patrick's Day is Sunday have not really registered until now.  I also have not prepared nearly enough for my event.  So today I decided to take a few minutes to find some St. Patrick's Day inspiration to get me in the spirit of things. To help me practice being present in the moment. 

I am not big on leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold or beer so I just went for all things pretty and green. Maybe next year I will have the foresight to remember and come up with a St. Patrick's Day craft that is more my style. There are a 4 Saint Days celebrated in A Homemade Year, and I had such a hard time narrowing it down to the four I choose. I left St. Pat out in exchange for St. Joseph because frankly I think Joseph should get more credit than he does, so I wanted to give him a little shout-out.  While I was researching for the book, I found the cutest little vintage book set on saints. I reallythink I could do a whole book  inspired by saints alone, there are so many of them, each with very unique stories and lives.

Ireland is on my list of top 5 places I would like to visit, so it wasn't hard to find an image to include that I loved . Whenever I watch P.S. I Love You I cry as much for the land as for the story. The very first picture in this post looks like a dream to me. All those rolling green hills.

So there is my green inspiration for this weekend. What about you? Celebrating or decorating any special way?


  1. I am very excited for you and all these happy changes. Best of luck.

  2. Very pretty greens. I watched PS I Love you with my aunt and cousin and was the only one who boo-hooed my way through it. :/ A friend is spending a month in Ireland this summer with her husband and daughter. I look forward to all the photos they will share when they come back. Good luck with your speaking event. Best wishes, Tammy


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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