Monday, March 04, 2013

make do {and make lovely Monday} - i heart storage

Happy Monday friends and welcome AWB readers! If you have skipped on over to these parts from the Arkansas Women's Blogger post let me wish you a special welcome!
Never in my life did I think I would be a calendar girl or a "Miss" anyting other than Jackson, and here I am, Miss March 2013! My Maw will be saw proud.

This past weekend I struggled to get over this awful weird cold/flu like yuck. I spent all of yesterday in bed reading, and  then today -on top of all the other stuff-I was even hit a bit by a migraine like headache. I could have sworn that there was an elephant sitting on the top of my head.  Light, noise, motion, they just seemed to make it all that more painful. After several hours of sleep, lots of drugs and the best Tortillia Soup in town I am finally upright again. 

As the book launch gets closer and closer (copies should be arriving on doorsteps next week and the party is about a month away) I have found myself nesting more and more. I guess it's a bit like being pregnant. There is nothing left to do but wait, so why not get some other stuff done with all the nearvous energy?

So nest fluffing it is! Never one to pass up a great storage find, I snagged this little shelf for $8 days before I started my home shopping fast.  Sweet Man hung it in the bathroom above the toilet and I am working on stocking it with useful and pretty items.

Looking through all the photos I have taken recently I noticed that all of my choices seem to be inspired by the kitchen curtain fabric, which of course is made up of 4 quitling quarters that I did not cut. The aqua, the red, the pink and that acid yellow/green. Oh how I am loving that color right now.

I am having fun trying to decide what will work best on this shelf. What will be functional and cute and not too cluttered. What will be pretty and clean and family friendly- the current holy trinity of my decorating plans.

Here are the other two fabrics in the fat quaters. Again with the acid green- though this one is a little more actual green than the other one. I love the more modern/mid-centuary of this pattern. It's good to mix things up a bit, not be so floral and cottage all the time. I like a little modern and industrial with my farmhouse cottage astettic. 

So there you have it. A little make-do in the bathroom. Nothing fancy, but just enough to feel like I am making progress.

Now I just have to kick this darn cold so I can get back to having fun, fluffing my nest and planning a party!


In other news- book related news of course- I cannot wait till you see who will be hosting A Homemade Year on the blog tour! I really feel like someone should pinch me, it is too amazing and wonderful. (Want some hints? Visit the book page where all the blurbs are...)

Also, I am starting to add events to my calendar for the live and in person book tour. You can see all my confirmed Events (including my fest book festival!)  on my new Events Page here on the site. Also, if you know of a local women's group, crafting group, book store or conference where you think A Homemade Year would be a good fit please feel free to let me know! You can see the various types of "enangements" that I can do around the book.


  1. Hi there.
    You house is beautiful. These fabric are fantastic.
    You are very capricious.
    I'm delighted with the tin pink "Keep Calm..."
    Where can I find it to buy?

  2. Hi! I've absolutely wandered over from AWB and wanted to say that I'm pumped to get to "know" you through your blog - it's awesome! What also struck me is that first pattern you've shown in your kitchen curtains - the floral on aqua print? I'm having so much trouble finding fabric/crib bedding ideas for a baby girl after two baby boys and that is basically exactly what I'm picturing in my head. I know you said they're uncut quilting corners, but do you happen to have a name for it??

    Thanks so much and congratulations on being named Miss March! :)


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