Tuesday, March 12, 2013

loving today

Friends these are busy days. Busy and full and to be quite honest, I think Daylight Savings Time has finally taken it's toll on me.
So for tonight I will just share some things I am loving right now, cause I think I am just about out of words.

The newest edition of Amy Power's Inspired Ideas has just be released! And guess what? There is a project from A Homemade Year inside along with a sweet little review of the book. I am adoring this issue and kept sneaking peeks at it all day. Very soon I will be sharing my favorite projects along with a few other fun surprises. For now, pop on over to Amy's blog and check out this edition. It is the perfect treat for Spring.

I wonder if this will ever get old? Walking in and seeing it sitting there, just happy as can be.
This is where it was left last night after the Crepe Incident, and finding it sitting on the counter, with the sun streaming in was just almost too much.

Tonight Sweet Man pulled together the best dinner using everything but the kitchen sink. We had potatoes with toppings; a dressed salad, boiled eggs from our hens, steamed broccoli, shredded cheese, sour cream, lots of salt, and purple onion. Oh my it was good. I didn't make it look as pretty as Judea would have, but I promise it was lip smacking good. 

Here are a few other things I am loving this week:
Spotify Premium
Listening to Truth No. 2 by the Dixie Chicks really loud on said Spotify Premium
Hanging out on the porch swing watching Spring roll in
Putting away heavy sweaters, pulling out summer skirts
Wearing my Ariat or Muck boots ( I really love this post broken-foot. Not sure how flip-flop weather is going to go for me this year)
Listening to books on tape for free via You Tube (currently working on To Kill A Mockingbird)
This post by Sarah
This post by Heather
Nashville, The New Normal, Scandal, Foyles War, Heart of Dixie, Rev.
Reading Nigella Kitchen before I fall asleep
Stalking Craigslist for the perfect cabin-shack to rent 
Knowing Spring Break is days away
Curly hair

Ok that's it.
I am officially out of words.
Time for sleep.

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