Monday, March 11, 2013

french toast cups and how I almost had a heart attack

Today I am blogging over at the Arkansas Women Bloggers site about one of our favorite and easy go-to breakfast treats: French Toast Cups.

But before we hop on over I have to tell you a funny story in which I almost had a heart attack.
So my all time biggest fear about having the book published is that people will try the recipes and find them to be HORRIBLE. 
Yes, we tested them, and ate them and tested them again, and yes they were edited and edited and looked over time and time again.
But still, there remains this fear that someone, somewhere is going to try and make something from the book and it will all go horribly wrong. And then to make matters worse they will BLOG about it. About how I am a big ole fake and about how horrible my recipes are. And then I will die of shame.

Okay, maybe I am being dramatic. And yes I know. Someone, somewhere will probably make something and not love it. And that's okay. I don't always love everything Martha does and I still love her, and I keep buying her books and her magazines. So there is hope that I will survive not being someones favorite.

Very recently, Wylie has decided that he wants to fix the family dinner once a week. And tonight he wanted to make us crepes, using the recipe from A Homemade Year. So I set him up with the blender and the recipe and left him to it while Miles and I ran to the store to pick up a few other items. 

When I got home and it was time to cook up the batter, I couldn't help but notice that is was significantly thicker than usual. But we went ahead and heated up the crepe pan and  set to making crepes. But the first one looked a lot like a pancake . And that is when I began to panic. "Did you follow the recipe?" I asked Wylie. "Did you put in the oil? The milk?"  
"Yes momma, yes momma."
"So then it must be the recipe."  I thought. This is it. I had done it. I had published the WORST crepe recipe in history? Trying not to flip out and fall into a shaking puddle on the floor, I walked Wylie back through the recipe, having him show me exactly what he did and what he used. And then there it was. The answer. He only used half the milk needed. Oh my golly. I really thought I was going to just pass out then and there from the blood that suddenly began to rush through me again.  Relief is not a big enough word to describe how I felt. 

So we added the rest of the milk, mixed it up, reheated the skillet and set about to making crepes. 
And they were perfect and delicious. Just like I had hoped. 
Now that that is over, go on over to the Arkansas Women's Blog and check out the French Toast Cups recipe. And please, for my sake, please measure the milk right okay? I don't think I can handle another night like last night.

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  1. this is so funny! I do the same thing when I am just posting a recipe to my blog. I imagine a book would cause even more worry!


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