Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blog Tour Day 8- Bread & Wine on Maundy Thursday

Ever have moments where you just have to pinch yourself? Moments when you can't quite believe that the something wonderful that is happening, is in fact, actually, happening?
Having Shauna Niequest agree to read my book, then provide a blurb about it, and then host the blog tour, on her blog, a few of those pinchable moments for me. Especially considering she was in the same boat as me-juggling kids, family, work, a book deadline and a book release.  You see, Shauna also has a book filled with stories, and recipes, coming out on April 1. A wonderful, delicious, honest, encouraging, transparent, book, entitled Bread &Wine,  A Love Letter to Life Around the Table, with Recipes, (an advance copy of which I have had the great joy of reading during Lent.)

And then there was the moment- the icing on the cake -.

You see, I was shopping for the ingredients to Shauna's Mango Chicken Curry recipe, when I got a Tweet from her, saying that her post, about A Homemade Yearwas live. I just about did a happy dance, right there, in the exotic food aisle.

After I had recovered from our moment of kismet, I finished my grocery shopping and headed home to give her recipe a try. You will have to get your own copy for the full recipe (I know, I am so mean,) but let me tell you the few things I changed up and why.
You see, the truth is this: I have a few weird food things. 
1) I am afraid of cooking rice. As I type this I realize that I need to buy a rice cooker. But I don't have one yet, so last night I decided that this would be a curry taco meal instead of a curry rice meal.
2) I am also afraid of cutting up mango's. Again, I know. I am a weenie. So I went with canned pineapple instead. And it was still so yummy.
3) I left out the ginger and the currents. I didn't think currents would go well with corn tortilla shells, and the  ginger is just a weird quirk. I like ginger in things, I just don't like to handle it. It has to do with homeopathic methods for healing intense morning sickness that I still haven't recovered from. 
4) Also I reduced the chicken broth by 1/2 because the dish was going in soft tortilla shells and not on rice, so I thought it could be a little less saucy.

Now, lest you think Shauna would be irritated by my changes, let me assure you that she is not.  Part of Shauna's cooking philosophy is make it your own. She wants you to find your way to connect, create and enjoy the process of cooking for others and yourself.  All throughout Bread & Wine, Shauna shows time and time again, the wonderful, magical things that can happen, when you open your heart- and your table- to and embrace and explore new methods, new flavors, new challenges, new friends, and  try things you would never have tried before. Like curry tacos. 

Today is Maundy Thursday. The day in Holy Week when we remember the last time Christ, and his messy, broken dozen, gathered around a table, ate a meal together, breaking bread and spilling wine. Bread and wine is where it all begin,  and the table is where we continue to gather- broken, messy, imperfect, as we are - to open our hearts, and embrace both the challenges, and the wonder, we find there. 


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  1. Oh, you are just the sweetest. :) XO, Shauna


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