Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blog Tour Day 7 - Planting Dandelions

This is my friend Kyran. She is a writer, a fellow blogger, and a real-life face-to-face, friend. 

She is also  Newfoundland wildflower who married a southern fella and found herself suddenly living a semi-domesticated life. Her book Planting Dandelions is about that journey and more.

Kyran and I met a few years ago, (though these days if feels like a hundred,) when we were both selected for  an article on bloggers for an issue of local family magazine, of which Kyran and her boys were the cover stars.
 Kyran was first published author I really knew personally and I have leaned on her for support and advice countless times over the past two year journey of bringing A Homemade Year to life. She has graciously endured quite a few, "what do you think about..." and "what do I do about..." and "OMG- is this normal?"  emails and text from me. Every first time author should have a-been-there-done-that-bought-the-cute-tote author friend to help guide them through the publishing process.

This past summer. Kyran and I,  got to spend a good chunk of time together at the Arkansas Women's Blogger conference and during our ridiculous fun and silly Boot Shoot.  During these adventures I learned three previously unknown facts about Kyran- 
1) She has crazy good legs. I'm not kidding. Crazy good. Pretty sure I spent at least two years in high school trying to get those to no avail. 
2) No one looks better in red lipstick. No one.
3) She is a mighty fine travel pal. And this is important because things get real, real quick,when you travel with someone.

I am so honored to have my friend hosting the Blog Tour today, at her light filled casa, and to be offering readers - hers and mine- the chance to win a copy of A Homemade Year!

So head on over to Kyran's place, have a cup of tea, and enter-the blog tour will be over before you know it!

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  1. That list is among my favorite things anyone has ever said about me. I think I will add all three to the top of my C.V. :-)


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