Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blog Tour Day 7- Hope and Honey

Today's blog tour party is happening over at Casa d'Hart. Oh my goodness. I am sitting here, completely humbled by the words of grace and love that are flowing like hope and honey, from Annalea today. 
Birthing a book is a little bit like birthing a baby in that everything is the same and nothing is the same. My everyday life continues; work, bills, decisions, fighting kids, broken dishwashers. And yet there is the new, exciting, and overwhelming thing happening too; flurries of emails and calendar balancing, deadlines and meetings and party planning. And both of these things - the new and the old- they are happening simultaneously. Which means it is easier than ever to rush through it all, to be so consumed by all the details and to-do list, to run when you should stand still. Or better yet, kneel. Kneel and weep. Weep in humility and gratefulness and awe of the grace-and graciousness-that has been shown you.
Today, reading Annalea's post, was that moment for me.

If you have never hung out with Annalea, I strongly suggest that you do. This mama is precious, tenderhearted, honest, and full of hope and honey.

As a former homeschooled child myself, I have a special soft spot for both homeschool kids and their mothers. Annalea and her kiddos are no exception. I am pretty sure that if I lived anywhere near to Annalea I might just risk homeschooling my boys knowing I had her in my corner. Plus how cute is her classroom area? (I know, I know, getting to decorate an at-home school room is NOT the reason to homeschool...)

In addition to her homeschooling prowess and general fashionista coolness, Mrs. Hart is also quite crafty and has a great sense of style. I have adored getting to see how she has turned their blank-slate New Mexico casa into a warm, inspiring, and comfy home. This pillow combo alone has me swooning.

(all images from Annalea's blog)

So take a hop on over to Annalea's place and see for yourself just how lovely she is, and enter the Homemade Year giveaway while you are there! 


  1. such a small world! I have been reading her blog for about a year now! I have never had the pleasure of meeting her but I also think if we lived close, then I would totally enjoy sipping coffee with her while our kiddos played because we also homeschool!

  2. hey, i found your blog from the arkansas women's blogger's website. i love your name. it's the perfect author name. glad i found your blog.


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